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Title: Better than this
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Baekhyun thinks Sunday mornings like this are better than anything.
Author’s Note: 2591 words. For this prompt on EPM! I've wanted to write a kind of domestic baeksoo for ages so this was really fun! :D

It's the unbearable summer heat that drags Baekhyun out of sleep, groaning into his pillow as he tries to fight it as long as he can. He gives up eventually when not even the dregs of his fantastic dream about fucking Kyungsoo in thigh highs is enough to bring him back into slumber. He sighs, rolling over onto his back and stretching his arms over the head, his mouth opening wide in a silent yawn.

To his right, Kyungsoo is sound asleep, practically burrowed under their thin blanket and Baekhyun doesn't understand why he hasn't died from the heat. He tries not to disturb him as he leans over to grab his phone from the side table, slumping back against his pillows to check the time.

It's just past nine on a Sunday morning, earlier than Baekhyun usually tries to be up on the weekend, but he figures it's okay for once. The early quiet is relaxing and the stream of light from the window as it pans over Kyungsoo's face makes him look soft and pretty in his sleep and it's not often Baekhyun can just appreciate his boyfriend without Kyungsoo landing a punch somewhere on his body.

Baekhyun checks through his KKT messages and texts and replies to a few from Jongdae and Zitao before he gets bored. He glances over at Kyungsoo again, his face scrunched up a bit now from the sunlight and Baekhyun grins as he lifts up his phone to take a photo, or twenty.

Snickering quietly to himself, he posts the best ones onto his Instagram and Kyungsoo will probably kill him for it later, but for now Baekhyun relishes the moment. He takes a few pics of himself even though he has terrible bed hair and his eyes are tired, and then he's bored, up early on a Sunday and Kyungsoo is still asleep.

He tosses his phone to the side of the bed and rolls onto his side so he's facing his boyfriend and reaches out to poke him in the cheek once. "Kyungsoo," he says, just above a whisper. When that fails to get a response, he tries again, poking a little harder, speaking a little louder. Kyungsoo's brows furrow together and he shuffles in bed but otherwise doesn't wake, but Baekhyun is already entertained.

Grinning widely, he continues to poke and prod at Kyungsoo to see how far he can push it until he wakes, and it's rather amusing the way Kyungsoo grumbles in his sleep and squeezes his eyes shut but refuses to wake, how he rolls over to his other side, away from Baekhyun, and practically kicks the blanket off the bed, revealing the smooth pale skin of his legs in just his black boxer briefs. That's almost distracting, but Baekhyun is a man on a mission, slipping his fingers under Kyungsoo's shirt instead and enjoying the shiver that runs through his body as he scoots in close to whines, "Wake up, wake up, I'm bored," into Kyungsoo's ear.

There's a loud groan then and Kyungsoo nearly smacks Baekhyun in the face with the back of his hand as he stretches out wildly and Baekhyun yelps, rolling away quickly. "What the fuck," Kyungsoo says groggily, already bordering on angry, turning to look at Baekhyun over his shoulder.

"Good morning," Baekhyun says brightly and Kyungsoo takes one long look at him before groaning and turning back around to sleep more. Baekhyun pouts at his back and reaches out to pull him in close. "Noo, don't sleep."

"It's too early for you," Kyungsoo grumbles, trying to be mean, but Baekhyun knows Kyungsoo never means any of those things. He just laughs into the crook of Kyungsoo's neck, notching his chin over his left shoulder.

"It's too early for you to be mean to me, too," Baekhyun says, sliding his arm around Kyungsoo's waist and pressing against the softness of his tummy through his shirt. It takes a moment, but then Kyungsoo is melting against him, shrinking back all his defenses with a low sigh. Then he turns gently elbows Baekhyun in the ribs so he wheezes, scooting back just enough that Kyungsoo can turn around and face him again.

"Fine," he says, "I probably wouldn't fall back asleep anyway." Kyungsoo-speak for I'd rather stay up with you. Baekhyun will take whatever he can get. "You're awake much earlier than usual," Kyungsoo says, and he reaches out to push Baekhyun's hair back from his hair, gently working his fingers through the little knots from sleep.

Baekhyun grins at him, settling back comfortably against his pillows. "It's too hot," he says, but as Kyungsoo moves in closer to him, a foot trailing up Baekhyun's right leg and his breath warm on Baekhyun's shoulder, the added heat doesn't even seem to bother him.

Kyungsoo just makes a soft humming noise in response, the hand in Baekhyun's hair slipping out to drop across his stomach instead. Curious fingers tug at the hem of Baekhyun's shirt.

"How you slept with that blanket, I will never understand," Baekhyun says, shaking his head lightly. Kyungsoo presses a small kiss to the curve of his shoulder. Baekhyun licks his lips, glancing down at the way Kyungsoo is tugging at the collar of his shirt, dragging it over his right shoulder, the large scoop that Baekhyun had cut around the original collar making it wide enough that it falls off his shoulder with ease. “Well, seeing how Chanyeol calls you the devil sometimes, maybe it makes sense you’re used to the heat.”

Kyungsoo snorts into the crook of Baekhyun’s neck but doesn’t say anything more than that. Baekhyun grins up at the ceiling, his skin tingling a bit at the way Kyungsoo is still leaving kisses across his exposed body. It’s kind of nice, the attention, so Baekhyun doesn’t complain, doesn’t turn away, instead suddenly remembering one of the texts he’d read earlier. “Jongdae wants to have dinner tonight,” he says. “I told him only if he paid for it.”

“How’d he take that?” Kyungsoo says quietly, and his breath as he speaks makes the short hairs at the back of Baekhyun’s neck stand up. He’s curled even closer to Baekhyun, one leg thrown over Baekhyun’s and is making his way toward Baekhyun’s collarbone, plush lips leaving soft kisses everywhere.

Baekhyun is starting to feel a little breathless. “I haven’t gotten a reply yet, but it probably will be something along the lines of fuck you,” he says and Kyungsoo laughs quietly. There are fingers now, reaching to the back of Baekhyun’s neck where he’s sensitive, and Baekhyun shivers from head to toe, like it’s suddenly dropped twenty degrees in the room. “Which is rude because Jongdae can totally afford to pay for me, too, right? And if he’s inviting, he should definitely treat me. Us. Do you want to go? I can tell him to fuck off if you have better plans for the night. Though I guess we don’t have to worry about that for awhile, it’s not even noon, the day’s barely started. I am getting kind of hungry though, do you--”

“Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo says in a low voice. His teeth scrape over Baekhyun’s collarbone and the rest of Baekhyun’s words blend into a soft moan of surprise. “Shut up.”


Kyungsoo shifts slightly against Baekhyun, and Baekhyun feels him half-hard against his hip. “Shut up,” Kyungsoo says again, more pointedly, and he lifts his head just enough to look Baekhyun in the eye.


“Okay,” Baekhyun says and then Kyungsoo is kissing him. It should probably be a little gross because they’ve both only just woke up but Baekhyun doesn’t really care. It’s rare to spend a Sunday morning lying in bed like this with Kyungsoo, who not only gets up much earlier than Baekhyun does but actually spends that time doing productive things that by the time Baekhyun is awake and wants to just lie around for hours, Kyungsoo is ready to go out to run errands or something. So Baekhyun is more than okay with this, Kyungsoo’s attention, Kyungsoo’s full lips fitting just right against his own, Kyungsoo’s hands on his hips, dragging Baekhyun with him as he falls onto his back.

Baekhyun laughs into his mouth, knees falling on either side of Kyungsoo’s hips and his mirth quickly changes into a groan as Kyungsoo’s lips find his collarbone again. He sucks a mark into the skin there, and Baekhyun is definitely breathless, now, eyes falling shut as all the heat in his veins pool in his groin. Kyungsoo pushes his hips up against him, a small grunt of frustration leaving his lips and marking Baekhyun’s skin, too, and Baekhyun doesn’t waste a second before he’s sliding off Kyungsoo to rest on his side and reaches out to rub his palm over Kyungsoo’s dick.

“Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo says softly, leaning over so he can leave even more kisses up the column of Baekhyun’s neck. His hips jerk up when Baekhyun slips a hand into his underwear and wraps his fingers around him properly. A few strokes and Kyungsoo is fully hard in his grip and Baekhyun gasps when Kyungsoo bites down at the point between his neck and shoulder and leaves another bruise.

“Shit,” he says, pulling back to look at Kyungsoo, arousal stirring at the way he licks his lips and stares back with dark, dark eyes. In the next second, Baekhyun is tugging Kyungsoo’s briefs down his hips and licking a stripe right up the underside of his dick. Kyungsoo curses, hips bucking, and Baekhyun smirks up at him as he holds him down with one hand, the other working around the base. “Okay?” he asks, mouthing at the head and he laughs when Kyungsoo gives him this look of utter disdain.

“What do you think?” he says and Baekhyun hums thoughtfully around him, enjoying how it makes Kyungsoo clench his fingers into the sheets.

“I think you like when I suck you off,” Baekhyun pulls back long enough to say, before flicking his tongue across the slit and Kyungsoo’s amused laughter turns into a full-out groan that goes right to Baekhyun’s dick.

Kyungsoo’s gaze feels hot on his skin, and he reaches out to cup the nape of Baekhyun’s neck tight in his hand. “I like that it keeps you from talking,” he says, and pushes Baekhyun down to take more of him in.

Baekhyun complies eagerly, sucking Kyungsoo down the way he knows he likes it, the way it makes him fall apart quickly even when he tries to hold back. He drops the hand from around the base to roll Kyungsoo’s balls in his fingers and Kyungsoo’s hips lift up, his cock thrusting into Baekhyun’s mouth. Baekhyun moans around it, pulling back to catch his breath, but Kyungsoo’s grip against his neck has him pushed back within seconds.

He likes that, though. Too much, probably. The way Kyungsoo guides him in, holds him down as he pushes up. Baehkyun stares at him from under his bangs, flushed from how intensely Kyungsoo looks back, the stretch of his mouth around Kyungsoo’s dick, and his own neglected arousal, heavy between his legs. He’s in too awkward of a position to rut down against the bed and he knows Kyungsoo will stop him if he tries to take care of it himself.

“Your hair is getting too long,” Kyungsoo says, finally sounding a little wrecked, and his free hand is pushing the strands in Baekhyun’s face back, away.

Baekhyun wants to say you like it, remembering how Kyungsoo tends to sink his hand into his hair as he fucks him from behind, gripping it tight between his fingers and pulling Baekhyun’s head back, but instead he just sinks down a little further on Kyungsoo’s cock. He groans again, tugging on Baekhyun’s hair, and he gets louder as Baekhyun manages to take him in all the way.

“So good,” Kyungsoo says as he holds Baekhyun there for a moment with the hand at the back of his neck. Baekhyun sucks around him and Kyungsoo’s dick twitches on his tongue. He’s close, and Baekhyun wants him to come down his throat. Kyungsoo lets him up a second later and Baekhyun gasps in quick, even breaths, saliva catching at the corner of his mouth before he does it all over again. This time Kyungsoo doesn’t last, hips trembling under Baekhyun’s hand, fingers clenched so tight in Baekhyun’s hair, and he doesn’t look away from Baekhyun at all as he comes.

Baekhyun swallows everything down and pulls back, suckling softly at the tip until Kyungsoo kicks out at him with a hiss. He laughs, his voice sounding more like a hoarse croak, and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand as he rests against Kyungsoo’s thigh. “Good?” he asks, bats his eyelashes.

Most times, Kyungsoo will roll his eyes when Baekhyun seeks out compliments, or shove him away and refuse to answer. Right now, though, he surprises Baekhyun with fondness in his eyes, gently rubbing the pad of his thumb over Baekhyun’s upper lip. “You’re always so good,” he says and Baekhyun is bursting with pleasure, hips rocking instinctively to grind against the bed.

Kyungsoo chuckles quietly, tugging on Baekhyun’s shirt until Baekhyun climbs over him. “You like hearing that?” he asks, like he doesn’t know how much Baekhyun enjoys the praise.

“Please,” Baekhyun whines, unwilling to rise to the bait because he’s so close. He grabs one of Kyungsoo’s hands and drags it to his cock and Kyungsoo draws him down to suck at his neck, shoves his hand down the front of Baekhyun’s shorts and underwear. Baekhyun keens when he touches him, palming the precome gathered at the head around his length to make the slide of his fingers easier. Kyungsoo likes to drag things out sometimes, until Baekhyun is writhing, begging for it, but today he is efficient, leaving another mark on Baekhyun’s neck and it’s the way his teeth sink into his skin that has Baekhyun coming with a choked off moan.

Baekhyun shudders through his orgasm and the way Kyungsoo runs his tongue carefully over his new bruise doesn’t help. But he doesn’t want to move away, instead snuggles against Kyungsoo’s chest until he’s comfortable and pays no mind to the way Kyungsoo wipes his hand off on Baekhyun’s shirt when he pulls it back out. His other hand is playing with Baekhyun’s hair again and Baekhyun feels like he could probably fall asleep now, with how warm and satisfied he feels.

“We should start every morning like this,” he declares and he can feel Kyungsoo’s laughter rumbling in his chest.

“Get off of me,” Kyungsoo says, trying to shove Baekhyun off so he can presumably get out of bed.

Baekhyun isn’t having any of that, though. It’s still early, and he just wants to lie here with Kyungsoo until he absolutely doesn’t have to. He clings to him tighter and whines, “Staaaay. There’s nothing more important than cuddling with me.”

Kyungsoo looks like he wants to list the hundred things that are more important, but in the end he settles back against the bed. “Fine,” he says almost grudgingly like Baekhyun forced him and Kyungsoo isn’t secretly a softie who likes this just as much as Baekhyun does. “Just for a little while.”

“Okay,” Baekhyun says, grinning, and as Kyungsoo presses a kiss to his forehead, Baekhyun thinks that the day really can’t get much better than this.

Title: Just a little bump in the road
Pairing: Jongdae/Junmyeon, side Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jongdae reevaluates his relationship with Junmyeon when he sees the antics his neighbors get up to.
Author’s Note: 2039 words. For this prompt on EPM! :D

Jongdae slams the door to his car a little harder than necessary as he storms out and up the walk to his home. He’s frustrated and angry and a lot sad, jamming his keys into the door and slamming that, too, once he’s inside. It’s been a long, tiring week but he’d made it through with the promise of spending tonight with Junmyeon. A movie and dinner, just a simple date, but the first one they would’ve had in weeks and Jongdae was really excited.

Except Junmyeon never showed up at the theater. He never called, either, or answered any of Jongdae’s messages, and Jongdae knows he’s been really busy trying to see through an acquisition for his company, traveling in and out of the state for days at a time, but Jongdae had made sure to be wrapped up with all of his work to meet with Junmyeon today and Junmyeon couldn’t even give him a head’s up that he wasn’t going to make it.

He kicks off his shoes in the doorway and dumps his bag on the couch as he passes, pulling off his blazer and tossing that onto the dining table on his way to the kitchen. He’s starving now, and maybe he should’ve gone to the restaurant and bought the most expensive things on the menu and told them to put it on Junmyeon’s tab, but instead he’d been too upset to do anything but just come right home. Now he has to whip together something with whatever he has in the fridge and he’s thankful, at least, that he did go grocery shopping the other day so it’s not as bare as it usually is when he gets too busy to run errands.

At least cooking usually calms Jongdae down, and it does tonight, too. He puts on some music on his phone and he sings along as he pulls out ingredients and the anger is slowly starting to fade. He mostly just feels unsure about everything instead, wondering if it’s even worth it to keep going like this with Junmyeon when they barely see each other anymore and this isn’t the first time either of them have had to cancel on dates.

He’s halfway through boiling pasta noodles on the stove and cooking some chicken to go with it when there’s a sudden yell from outside, filtering in through Jongdae’s open window and loud enough that he hears over his music. Startled, he almost drops the pan in his hand, but he carefully sets it back down and turns to look out the window. For a second he sees nothing, but then his neighbor, Chanyeol, is running into view. He’s dressed in a matching pajama set covered in little images of Spongebob and he’s got a giant water gun in his hands.

“Try your best Kyungsoo, you’re never gonna get me!” he shouts, except that’s when Jongdae sees Chanyeol’s husband, Kyungsoo, creeping up behind him. He’s also dressed in pajamas, but his aren’t as obnoxious as Chanyeol’s, just a simple black with white accents. He must’ve gone around the front yard and he catches Jongdae staring from the window, lifts a finger to his lips and grins sneakily.

Jongdae laughs and watches as Kyungsoo fires his own water gun at Chanyeol’s back and Chanyeol yelps loudly in surprise. “Where did you come from?” Chanyeol yells, whirling around and trying to get Kyungsoo back, but Kyungsoo is faster, running off down the lawn back toward their house, his laughter trailing after him.

“Is that the best you can do?” he taunts, and he turns to aim at Chanyeol again. He misses this time but he doesn’t seem to care, slowly creeping back toward Chanyeol with his gun held carefully in his hands.

Chanyeol is doing the same and it’s like they’re playing out an intense scene from an action movie, trying to gauge the right moment to attack. Jongdae can’t look away from them, amused and entertained by how they don’t seem to care one bit how childish this is or how they’re running around barefoot in the grass or how it’s past eight in the evening and they’re being loud and silly.

It’s really cute, Jongdae thinks. It doesn’t surprise him, to see this sort of thing from Chanyeol, who is always pulling pranks and being a general nuisance; he and Jongdae are pretty good friends after having discovered a similar sense of humor and interest in video games. Kyungsoo, on the other hand, is usually more reserved but Jongdae has seen the way Chanyeol coaxes him out of his shell and how Kyungsoo indulges him in his stupid games.

He watches them play around for a little longer until he remembers about his dinner and quickly checks on the food on the stove. His chicken is a little burnt now, but still edible, and he takes it off the stove to set aside while he makes a quick sauce. He can still hear Chanyeol and Kyungsoo laughing through the window and thinks about how they’ve been married for years, now, and still manage to have fun like this and Jongdae can barely keep his own relationship afloat.

When was the last time he and Junmyeon did anything remotely as stupid as that? Jongdae can’t even remember. The last time they were together, before Junmyeon went on a week-long business trip to Chicago, they were both tired that they ordered pizza, curled up on Jongdae’s couch and watched Pacific Rim. And while that wasn’t a bad evening, it’s just the same as most nights they spend together and it’s nothing like what his neighbors are doing right now.

Jongdae finishes up cooking and fills a plate with his meal, setting it onto the counter so he can toss some of the dirty dishes into the sink. He catches sight of Chanyeol and Kyungsoo out the window again, Chanyeol furiously trying to pump his water gun while Kyungsoo stands a few feet away, a smug smirk on his face, wet hair dripping down his forehead.

“Looks like you’re out of water,” Kyungsoo says. “I win.”

Chanyeol pouts, his own damp clothes sticking to him, and he tosses the water gun to the ground before he’s suddenly closed the space between them and is hauling Kyungsoo up into his arms, his feet in the air. “I think I still win,” Chanyeol says loudly, and he laughs as he presses kisses all over Kyungsoo’s face instead and Kyungsoo is struggling to be put back down, smacking Chanyeol in the chest with his gun, but it isn’t long before Chanyeol’s affection has him laughing, too, eyes bright and happy.

“You’re disgusting,” Kyungsoo says when Chanyeol finally sets him back down, and he follows it up with a long shot from his gun. Chanyeol splutters, holding up his hands to shield himself, and shouting, “Hey! Not fair!” before Kyungsoo drops his gun and runs back into their house. Chanyeol follows after quickly, nearly tripping on the hem of his wet pajama pants, and then they’re gone, leaving just a ruffled, wet lawn and their water guns in their wake.

Jongdae stares out the window for a moment longer before shaking his head with an amused laugh. He grabs his dinner plate and his phone and settles down on the couch. Just as he’s turned off the music and turned on the television to watch something as he eats, his phone rings loudly beside him. He answers without looking and nearly chokes on his first mouthful. “Junmyeon?” he says.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Junmyeon says, sounding tired. “I’m so, so sorry Jongdae. I forgot, didn’t I?”

Jongdae snorts. “Yeah, you did,” he says and while Jongdae had thought earlier, on his way home, that maybe this is the last straw, that this time he won’t be so forgiving, right now he just can’t do it. In fact, he doesn’t even care about their missed plans. “It’s okay, hyung. I know you’re busy.”

“But I could have at least told you,” Junmyeon protests instantly before he suddenly pauses. “Wait. You’re not...You’re not mad at me?”

“Well, I was,” Jongdae says truthfully. “I slammed some doors. Probably scared some children.”

Junmyeon laughs quietly on the other end. Jongdae can tell he’s relieved. “But now you’re not.”

Jongdae shakes his head even though Junmyeon can’t see him. He takes another mouthful of his dinner and says, “There’s no point in being angry with you, Junmyeon. We just have to do better next time.”

“There’s still a next time?”

His chest tightens at that, and he wonders if Junmyeon was worried that maybe Jongdae was going to call it quits. Jongdae could, but he really, really likes Junmyeon, and this is just a little bump in the road. “Of course there is, stupid,” Jongdae huffs. “I love you, even if you miss dates.”

There’s a long, soft sigh in his ears and he can just imagine how Junmyeon looks right now. Tired, but smiling happily. Jongdae really wants to see him. “I love you, too,” Junmyeon says. “You’re the best.”

“I am,” Jongdae agrees and Junmyeon’s laughter makes him grin. “How are you going to make it up to me?”

“Well, I guess I’ll start with a kiss,” Junmyeon says and there’s some shuffling on the other end, followed by a thud, and Jongdae furrows his brows because that sounds like-- “Come let me in already.”

Jongdae whips around to look at the front door and then he’s scrambling off the couch to answer it. Junmyeon is just a few steps away, walking up the front path, his phone still at his ear and his suit jacket hanging over his other arm. Jongdae hangs up, shoving his phone into his back pocket and yanking Junmyeon through the threshold by the tie around his neck.

Junmyeon laughs into his mouth, allowing himself to be manhandled inside and pushed up against the front door once Jongdae kicks it shut. “I missed you, too,” Junmyeon whispers against Jongdae’s lips, dropping his jacket to the floor and his phone on top without care so he can use both hands to drag Jongdae close by the hips.

“Who said I missed you?” Jongdae grumbles, “I’m just cashing in on that kiss.”

Junmyeon swats his ass in reprimand and Jongdae grins, placing one last kiss to his mouth before pulling away. “Well, I guess you really aren’t mad at me then, huh?” he says and Jongdae catches the uncertainty in his eyes.

“I’m not,” Jongdae says, “honest.” He grabs Junmyeon’s hand and leads him back to the couch and they settle down together, Jongdae climbing up into his lap. “It sucks, not spending time with you,” Jongdae says, “but we’ll figure something out. I don’t want to give this up.”

“Me either,” Junmyeon says, nosing his way up Jongdae’s neck.

Jongdae sinks his hands into Junmyeon’s soft hair and suddenly thinks back to his neighbors’ earlier antics, the water guns left behind on the lawn. Jongdae leans back so he can look down at Junmyeon properly and says, “Tomorrow, you’re not going into work. You’re calling in.”

“Am I?” Junmyeon says, sounding amused.

“Yes,” Jongdae says firmly. “It’s Saturday. You don’t have to be there. Besides, you’re the fucking CEO, you can give yourself one day off, I’m sure Minseok can handle things just fine.”

“Well,” Junmyeon starts, but Jongdae knows he’s 200% tempted already, especially with the way he’s palming Jongdae’s ass and sliding his other hand up the front of Jongdae’s shirt like if he’s not going in tomorrow, he might as well start off tonight right. “I suppose I could do that…”

“You will,” Jongdae says. “And we’ll spend the day together. Just us.”

Junmyeon chuckles, kisses the corner of Jongdae’s mouth. “That sounds nice.”

“I’ll ask my neighbors about the water guns,” Jongdae says with a nod and Junmyeon blinks at him, perplexed.

“Water guns?”

Jongdae grins wickedly. He can’t think of a better way to spend his Saturday than chasing Junmyeon around with a water gun and then slowly dragging wet clothes off his body when they’re done. “You’ll see,” he sings and kisses away Junmyeon’s worries.

Title: Silver Lining
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Baekhyun should really know better than to make Kyungsoo angry.
Author’s Note: 3503 words. For this prompt on EPM.

Baekhyun never thought that he would ever end up in a relationship with a human. It was always one of those things that seemed too farfetched (because after a hundred or so years as a vampire, that in itself wasn’t so crazy anymore). Humans were supposed to be their life source, not their life partners. Baekhyun sort of scoffed at how Zitao fell for that pale, flat-faced human who worked part-time at his favorite clothing store. He was determined not to let that sort of thing get to him. There were plenty of hot vamps around; what did Baekhyun need a human for, anyway?

That was, of course, before he met Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo was quiet, a little prickly, and so easily riled up and Baekhyun very much enjoys causing trouble. It was easy to get under his skin. And the nicest part about all of it, was that Kyungsoo, when Baekhyun told him he was a vampire, wasn’t even scared.

(“Why would I be scared? You look like a 15 year old who just started dressing himself,” Kyungsoo said, glaring at Baekhyun’s ripped jeans, oversized t-shirt and crooked snapback with disdain.

Baekhyun might have been a little charmed.)

Kyungsoo was a challenge, and Baekhyun always did like a good challenge. It wasn’t easily, not when Kyungsoo seemed to want nothing to do with Baekhyun and the whole vampire thing wore off on him much faster than it did with Jongin, the human Junmyeon had been eyeing lately. That kid had also been a lot more terrified than Kyungsoo about the whole thing. To Kyungsoo it was like didn’t even matter and Baekhyun...Baekhyun really liked that.

But that was all then, and this is now. A few months of constant pushing and pulling, of being generally obnoxious (“As is your wont,” Kyungsoo always says), of dragging Kyungsoo out of his shell until he’s no longer kicking and screaming on the way, Baekhyun has discovered that maybe it’s not so bad for a vampire and a human to be in a relationship after all.

(“I told you so,” Zitao says smugly, wrapping toned arms around Sehun’s waist and notching his chin on his shoulder. Sehun gets this little smug quirk to his lips and his hands find Zitao’s at his stomach.

Baekhyun pretends to gag. “You two are still disgusting, cut it out,” and he laughs as Sehun kicks him in the shin.)

Kyungsoo never minds how cold Baekhyun’s fingers feel when he holds his hands, is careful to keep anything silver out of his apartment, and always remembers to brush his teeth twice if he’s eaten anything with garlic in it before he lets Baekhyun push him into the couch and press their mouths together. He’s still as apathetic as he was when Baekhyun first met him, but he’s warmed up a lot, too. Must be all of Baekhyun’s charms.

Except sometimes, Baekhyun knows his charms doesn’t win him any points. And today, he’s definitely crossed a line. Kyungsoo is the diligent, hard-working type. He really takes his studying seriously and Baekhyun’s known this since the beginning. They had met in the library, after all, Baekhyun sent there to pick up a book for Zitao since it’d been on his way home from work, and Kyungsoo was a little lump that had fallen asleep in-between a row of shelves, a pile of books all around him. Baekhyun never understood it; living over a hundred years as a vampire means Baekhyun’s tried the whole university thing a few times but he’d never been one for school, even as a human. It was easier to just take on odd jobs than to pretend to care about chemistry or math or whatever boring thing they taught in school these days.

Kyungsoo, though, was really high-strung about that sort of thing and he made it very clear that Baekhyun shouldn’t disturb him when he’s working.

(“It’s my last year,” Kyungsoo said a month ago, when Baekhyun whined that Kyungsoo spent too much time with his books and not enough with him. “And you are the worst kind of distraction.”

“Who me?” Baekhyun replied, his eyes widening innocently as he slid a hand up Kyungsoo’s shirt.

Kyungsoo let out a long-suffering sigh, and yanked Baekhyun’s hand out to twist his arm until Baekhyun was crying to be let go.

“Okay, okay! I get it! I won’t bother you!” he exclaimed and Kyungsoo released him with a satisfied smirk.

“Good boy,” he said and kissed the corner of Baekhyun’s mouth and Baekhyun vowed to never let anyone find out how the human in this relationship is more frightening than the vampire.)

Baekhyun has been pretty good about respecting Kyungsoo’s weird study habits, but today. Today he’d been way too bored. Zitao was being sickeningly sweet with Sehun back at their apartment and even Junmyeon was out doing who-knows-what with that Jongin kid and Baekhyun let himself into Kyungsoo’s apartment through the window, even though he knows Kyungsoo hates that, and now he’s on the receiving end of one of Kyungsoo’s severely displeased looks.

“Hey, I’m sorry, okay?” Baekhyun says, trying to sound as placating as he can. “I know you don’t want me around when you--”

“Then why are you here, Baekhyun?” Kyungsoo snaps. He looks tired, dark circles under his eyes like he hasn’t slept in days, maybe, and Baekhyun wants to drag him in bed and wrap his arms around him because when Kyungsoo is asleep he’s really too adorable.

“I wanted to see you?” Baekhyun says, grinning at him hopefully.

Kyungsoo snorts, turning back to his piles of notes across his desk. “You just saw me last night,” he says.

“So?” Baekhyun counters and he walks over to cling to Kyungsoo from behind. “C’mon, you can take a break, can’t you?”

“I’ve told you I can’t,” Kyungsoo says and he’s trying to elbow Baekhyun away. “Seriously, Baekhyun, I don’t have time for this. Exams are coming up and I have to finish this thesis and--”

“But I’m bored,” Baekhyun whines and he leans in to press his teeth just slightly against the slope of Kyungsoo’s neck.

Kyungsoo shudders, and Baekhyun thinks delightedly that he’s won, but then Kyungsoo stands abruptly, practically knocking his chair to the floor. He pushes Baekhyun away, grumbling under his breath, and starts shoving things into his backpack.

“What’re you doing?” Baekhyun asks, a little panicked by the palpable rage emanating from his boyfriend.

“I’m going to Yixing’s,” Kyungsoo says and Baekhyun frowns deeply at that. He’s met Yixing once and he didn’t particularly like the way he clings so easily to Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo allows it. “At least he understands when I need the space to work.”

Baekhyun gapes at him, trying to dredge up another apology, anything that will get Kyungsoo to stop looking at him like he’s the worst, but before he can string together the words, Kyungsoo has walked right of his apartment and left Baekhyun alone in its suffocating silence.


It isn’t until sometime late into the next day that Kyungsoo returns to his apartment. Baekhyun stayed, because he had no where better to be and because he’d hoped, maybe, that Kyungsoo would feel bad enough to come back and apologize to him (no matter that it was Baekhyun at fault in the first place).

Kyungsoo doesn’t seem surprised to find Baekhyun on the couch, but he doesn’t seem happy about it either. “You have your own apartment, you know,” Kyungsoo says. He’s brought lunch back with him and is leaving Baekhyun in the living room to put things away in the kitchen.

Baekhyun scrambles after to follow and he knows he needs to make the first step in amends so he wraps his arms around Kyungsoo’s back. “Kyungsooooo,” he drawls, dragging out the last note as he gently noses along the crook of his neck, “I’m sorry about last night--Ow!”

He jerks back quickly, pressing his fingers to his cheek and hissing at the burn. He stares at Kyungsoo, who looks slightly amused, and then notices the sparkling piece of jewelry in Kyungsoo’s ear that Baekhyun’s never seen before.

“What is that,” he deadpans.

Kyungsoo looks wonderfully smug. “An earring,” he says, simply, like Baekhyun is an idiot.

“No, I mean, is that--”

“Sterling silver? Yes, it is,” Kyungsoo says, and he grins at Baekhyun before turning away to pull out a plate from the cupboards next to the stove. “I had a stroke of genius last night,” he continues after a moment, “and this way you can’t bother me.”

Baekhyun stares at him, at the stupid glittering earring on his ear - when Kyungsoo turns, he notices its pair on his other ear - and then catches sight of the silver rings on Kyungsoo’s hands. In all the time they’ve together, Kyungsoo has practically never worn any jewelry and now it looks like he’s bought a bit of every kind, all in sterling silver, all to keep Baekhyun away.

He pouts. “Is this about last night?” he asks. “You’re not really that angry, are you?”

“Do you really think I’d be wearing all this if I wasn’t?” Kyungsoo retorts. “And it isn’t just about last night. It’s about every time I’ve told you I need space, and you’ve wormed your way into it with complete disregard to me.”

“I’m sorry!” Baekhyun huffs, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s not like I do it on purpose.”

Kyungsoo gives him a Look and Baekhyun deflates. “Okay, fine, so I do, but it’s just because I like you that much!”

“Nice try,” Kyungsoo says, and he jabs Baekhyun hard in the chest with a finger. “But I have too much to do right now and I can’t afford getting distracted.”

“So you’re just banishing me from touching you at all??” Baekhyun exclaims, following after Kyungsoo as he heads toward the couch, plate of food in his hands.

“Exactly,” Kyungsoo says with a smile and Baekhyun already hates this because he can’t even pull him close and kiss him now, not when Kyungsoo has made himself a human vampire weapon.

“This is entirely unfair,” Baekhyun sulks, sitting at the opposite end of the couch, and Kyungsoo’s smile only widens.


“Wow, you must have pissed him off something fierce if he’s resorting to such drastic measures,” Zitao says the next day when Baekhyun finally returns to his apartment. He’d tried to talk Kyungsoo out of his ridiculous grudge but it hadn’t gone so well.

(“Maybe I’ll even get a silver tongue piercing,” Kyungsoo mused aloud over dinner. “That would really keep you away.”

“How are you so cruel,” Baekhyun whined from the other side of the room. Kyungsoo had pulled out silver utensils to use to eat (“They were a gift from my grandmother, but I never had a reason to use them, until now!” he’d said, looking far too happy about it) and Baekhyun couldn’t stand to be close enough in case Kyungsoo accidentally-on-purpose dropped the knife into his foot. “Although, you would be really hot with a tongue piercing.”

“Good, then I’ll get it done tomorrow.”

Baekhyun wanted to lunge at him and beg him not to, but instead he could only cry, “Noo!” while Kyungsoo quietly finished eating.)

“It’s the worst, I can’t get close to him without feeling like I’m burning from all the silver he’s wearing,” Baekhyun says, rolling around in his bed unhappily. “He would probably make a suit of armor out of silver if it would keep me away.”

“I like him,” Zitao says unnecessarily. “You should bring him around more.”

“Go away,” Baekhyun says, “you are entirely unhelpful.”

Zitao laughs and he pats Baekhyun’s pat lightly. “Just give it time,” he says sagely. “He’ll probably come around after he’s finished with all his work.”

“But I can’t wait that long,” Baekhyun whines and Zitao’s responding laughter definitely doesn’t help one bit.


Kyungsoo’s jewelry tactic goes on for the next few days and Baekhyun grows more and more depressed about it. Apologizing nearly twenty times a day seems to do nothing to crack Kyungsoo’s resolve and it’s not fun at all, being over at Kyungsoo’s place and having to sit five feet away so he doesn’t accidentally burn himself on one of the many pieces of jewelry Kyungsoo’s stuck on his body.

“I can’t believe you’re still doing this,” Baekhyun grumbles on Day 5. Kyungsoo says he shouldn’t refer to it like it’s some kind of prison, but that’s practically how Baekhyun feels.

“I can’t believe I never thought of this sooner,” Kyungsoo says back without even looking up from where he’s flipping through a book with tons of little post-its sticking out of its pages and typing up something on his laptop.

By Day 7, Baekhyun starts to wonder how much burns from the silver he can withstand for maybe one quick hug or kiss. He probably won’t actually risk it, but it’s tempting, because this is the longest fight they’ve ever had and Baekhyun is usually good at getting Kyungsoo to forgive him with conveniently timed kisses and hands down his pants. Baekhyun can’t even do that, this time. All he can do is whine from the corners of Kyungsoo’s apartment until Kyungsoo is threatening to throw the garlic he’d bought from the stove at his head.

“Why would you even buy that shit?” Baekhyun exclaims.

“I wanted something Italian to eat tonight,” Kyungsoo says simply and Baekhyun wants to cry.

Kyungsoo,” he pleads, “talk to me, please.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, Baekhyun,” he says with a shrug and he gives up on his work to head into the kitchen and presumably start on dinner.

Baekhyun follows at a safe distance. “Hasn’t this gone on long enough?” he asks. “I get it, I really do. I swear I’ll be better.”

Kyungsoo looks at him, really looks at him for what feels like the first time since their stupid argument, and Baekhyun puts on his best kicked-puppy face, the one that usually makes Kyungsoo roll his eyes but still gently pet his head or kiss him slowly. And for a second, it looks like maybe Kyungsoo is going to cave, but then he’s turning his back and pulling out the garlic from the fridge and Baekhyun feels like he might die just from the smell.

“Are you trying to kill me?” he exclaims, stepping backward and covering his nose with his sleeve. Kyungsoo looks down at the garlic, then back up at Baekhyun, who takes another step back and says, “Don’t answer that!”

He turns on his heel and hides himself in Kyungsoo’s bedroom and definitely doesn’t hug Kyungsoo’s pillow because it’s the closest he has to the real thing.


It’s Day 10 when Kyungsoo starts to loosen up considerably. Baekhyun vaguely remembers he had a few exams the day before and with those out of the way, it’s clear the stress has eased from Kyungsoo’s shoulders. He’s also not wearing nearly as much jewelry today, and Baekhyun likes to think that his constant whining is finally starting to wear Kyungsoo down. There’s only so much a person can take and Baekhyun is known to be very persuasive (“You mean annoying,” Junmyeon always says).

Kyungsoo has either forgotten to put on one of his rings or left it off on purpose, but Baekhyun doesn’t care about the reason. He just cares that he can actually reach out and grab Kyungsoo’s left hand and hold it without burning himself.

“Shit,” Kyungsoo says, trying to tug his hand away. “I forgot.”

“No! You can’t let go now,” Baekhyun complains, lacing their fingers together and enjoying the warmth from Kyungsoo’s palm against his much cooler skin.

“How do you expect me to work with one hand?” Kyungsoo says, but instead of sounding angry like he probably would have a few days ago, right now he’s amused, an eyebrow quirked and his pretty lips pulling into a smile.

“I can think of lots of things you can do with just one hand,” Baekhyun says lasciviously, dragging Kyungsoo’s hand to press flat on his stomach.

He expects Kyungsoo to pull his hand back and maybe punch him, but he doesn’t expect Kyungsoo to laugh, his face bright in his mirth and Baekhyun is sure he’s won, now. Gotten through to Kyungsoo and made everything better because this whole thing is so stupid, so so stupid, and all he wants is to pull Kyungsoo close and make up for the past week of torture.

“You’re ridiculous,” Kyungsoo says after his laughter his died down.

Baekhyun pretends offense. “I’m ridiculous?” he says. “You’re the one who turned himself into a vampire’s worst nightmare just prove a point.”

“Well, it worked, didn’t it?” Kyungsoo retorts, but then his shoulders slump a bit and he looks down at their joined hands. “But, okay, you might be right. A little. I might’ve gone too far.”

“I wasn’t being very fair to you, either,” Baekhyun admits. “I’m sorry. I know I can be a little--”

“Annoying? Obnoxious? A pain in the ass?” Kyungsoo says, smirking in amusement at the way Baekhyun pouts. “You’d think after having lived so long, you would have learned how to tone that all down.”

“You like it though,” Baekhyun says, poking at Kyungsoo’s stomach. “You like me.”

He grins at Kyungsoo, only to squawk indignantly when Kyungsoo shrugs and says, “Maybe.”

“Sooo mean,” Baekhyun whines, flopping back against Kyungsoo’s bed and mock-glaring at the ceiling. “If only I’d fallen for some cute human, like Jongin, who didn’t always make fun of me or try to kill me with garlic and--”

His words are cut off by a sudden pair of lips against his; familiar lips that Baekhyun hasn’t been able to kiss in far too long, and he instantly gives up on his train of thought to focus on the much better path laid in front of him. Kyungsoo’s mouth, warm and slick against his, Kyungsoo’s fingers sliding up his chest, up further into his hair, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo.

“You wouldn’t want someone like that,” Kyungsoo says, and there’s this darkness in his eyes when they pull back to look at each other. It’s almost possessive, jealousy, maybe, and Baekhyun really, really likes that. “It’d be too boring.”

That’s probably true, but still Baekhyun doesn’t mind teasing, “I don’t know, it’s tempting.”

“Shut up,” Kyungsoo says, teeth nipping at Baekhyun’s bottom lip. “It’s been too long since we’ve--”

“And whose fault is that?!” Baekhyun exclaims, only Kyungsoo just shuts him up with his mouth again. Baekhyun isn’t complaining, because he’d definitely rather make out than talk, except they only last a few seconds before Kyungsoo reaches out to grab his arm and Baekhyun feels that terrible burning sensation against his bare skin.

He pushes Kyungsoo back with a hiss of pain, staring at the angry splotch on his skin and then over to Kyungsoo whose eyes are wide in horror. “I forgot I was still--” he says, hastily pulling the bracelet off his wrist that had burned Baekhyun, along with the ring on that hand, and the earrings still in his ears.

“Maybe you really are trying to kill me,” Baekhyun says slowly, watching as Kyungsoo dumps his jewelry on his dresser, but then he laughs when he catches the look Kyungsoo gives him through the mirror. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, come here.” He waves at Kyungsoo and grins widely when he complies, and it really is so nice to be this close again after ten days without. “Please don’t ever do that again.”

“Don’t be a fucking nuisance then,” Kyungsoo says back and he squeezes Baekhyun’s nape in the way that makes him shudder.

Baekhyun makes no promises, especially not ones he knows he will break within hours, and Kyungsoo probably knows that, too. That something like this is bound to happen again, but they’ll get through it because they always do. Kyungsoo might be human, but that no longer means anything in the grand scheme of things. Baekhyun still likes him, especially now as he presses light kisses up his neck and apologizes for the burn.

“I never actually meant to hurt you,” he says and Baekhyun holds him tighter.

“I know,” he says and pushes Kyungsoo down against the bed so he can lean in and kiss him again.

(“Hey, so, about that tongue piercing you said you wanted,” Baekhyun says, later.

“No.” Kyungsoo shoots down that dream within seconds, his answer a little muffled in the crook of Baekhyun’s shoulder but still clear.

Baekhyun pouts. Two minutes later: “What if you pierced your dick--” He wheezes as Kyungsoo elbows him in the gut on his way out of bed and Baekhyun’s eyes widen as he realizes what he’s doing. “No, wait, stop--I didn’t mean it, please don’t put the jewelry back on!”)

Title: Test of love
Pairing: Lu Han/Jongdae
Rating: PG
Summary: Lu Han’s not sure how to bring up his fear of heights when Jongdae takes him to an amusement park on their first ever date.
Author’s Note: 1816 words. For lovely Ang! ♥

As far as first dates go, Lu Han thinks this one is definitely up there. An amusement park would not be on the top of his list of Places to Go, but Jongdae had taken him here without telling him and his general excitement made it a little hard for Lu Han to tell him no.

Maybe he didn’t have to worry too much though, because so far everything has been really good. Jongdae is funny and keeps things interesting, daringly grabbing Lu Han’s wrist and dragging him around the place. They share a stick of cotton candy and Lu Han tries not to get distracted by the way the sugary substance clings to Jongdae’s lips, and they ride some of the cute kids’ rides just for kicks. Those are the ones Lu Han can handle because they don’t go much higher than five feet, and he’s definitely of the kind that things you’re never too old for the carousel.

Thankfully Jongdae seems to share his sentiments and they have a lot of fun, together. He’s really cute, too, with the way he whines Lu Han into playing one of the basketball shooting games just so he can win the giant Rilakkuma plushie (“Chanyeol will be so jealous,” Jongdae said, looking pleased about it when Lu Han won it after three rounds. The way Jongdae grinned at him afterward had felt really good). Not to mention how he hooks his arm around Lu Han’s elbow and points to something he wants Lu Han to see, leaning into his ear to speak his name in a low voice that makes Lu Han’s heart race.

“I know this is a little childish,” Jongdae says at one point through their date. They’ve stopped at one of the tables near a few dining options to catch their breath. “Coming to an amusement park on the first date.”

“I don’t mind,” Lu Han says, smiling at him. He probably would’ve gone anywhere Jongdae wanted him to. After months of flirting and wanting more, when Jongdae had finally outright asked him out, Lu Han didn’t even have to think before he said yes. He’s glad, that they’re here.

“Good,” Jongdae says and the way he grins is really attractive, the corners of his lips curving up and his eyes so bright. His dark hair is a little tousled from the wind and Lu Han wants to reach out and push it back from his face. He thinks he could get away with that, but before he has the chance, Jongdae is jumping back to his feet, his plushie tucked under his right arm. “C’mon,” he says, “we should get on some of the roller coasters and cooler rides before it gets too late.”

And that’s it. That’s what Lu Han has been dreading. The high rides. The roller coasters and the crazy one that drops people from a million feet in the air and the one that twists up and then back a few times. Jongdae has been pointing them out all day, excitedly deciding which ones they should go on and Lu Han hasn’t been able to tell him that he’s cripplingly afraid of heights.

He looks at Jongdae right now and he can’t say it either. He just stands too and says, “Okay,” and maybe Lu Han is a coward in more than one way.

Somehow they end up in line for the Ferris wheel first which...Lu Han thinks he can deal with that. At least it’s not fast and if he sits in the middle of the benches he doesn’t have to look out the windows and see just how high he is. Maybe if he makes it through this he will have magically overcome his fear and won't have to embarrass himself by telling Jongdae he can't go on the other rides.

He's admittedly a little shaky when they finally board but he thinks he hides it well because Jongdae doesn't seem to notice. His excitement is adorable, and Lu Han tries to focus on that. The ride lurches into motion a few times as they fill up more cars and Lu Han holds tightly to his knees and stares at the solid floor under his feet.

"Wow, hyung, look at this view!" Jongdae says, and he’s practically bouncing around the car staring out the windows. When Lu Han glances up, Jongdae’s got his phone out and he's taking pictures and he’s so cute, Lu Han wishes he could enjoy this with him properly. The car shakes from Jongdae’s constant movement and Lu Han quickly grabs the ledge of his seat, still trying desperately not to look out the windows.

"I'm pretty sure I can see my house from here," Jongdae says which is ridiculous because Jongdae doesn't live anywhere close to here.

"I'm pretty sure you can't," Lu Han laughs, and wow, that’s good, that he can joke around. That's better than usual. Maybe he can--Nope, no he can’t, quickly tearing his eyes away from the window when he realizes they’re practically eye-level with one of the high rollercoasters. His stomach drops to his knees and he thinks maybe, he might throw up. What a great first date that would make.

The wheel goes higher still until they finally jolt into place at the very top. Lu Han knows they’re there because Jongdae says so, scrambling up onto his knees on his bench to stare out the window and the car shakes even more. Lu Han closes his eyes tightly and takes a few slow, calming breaths. They don’t make him feel very calm.

“Hey, Lu Han--” Jongdae starts and Lu Han can hear him turning around and pausing. He must see the way Lu Han is still holding onto his seat for dear life, how he’s closed his eyes and sitting as still as he can. It must be obvious, now.

He opens his eyes slowly to meet Jongdae’s own and he’s staring at him almost perplexed for a second before his lips quirk into something Lu Han knows never not to trust. Before he can ask what Jongdae’s thinking, he’s spreading his feet across the floor and putting in as much strength as he can to make the car shake.

Lu Han’s eyes widen as he feels his body tense, his stomach queasy, and he can’t even muster up the words to tell Jongdae to stop. He just clenches his eyes shut again and tries not to whimper because Lu Han is a fucking man and he can deal with his date being a little shit, he can deal with being a thousand feet or whatever up in the air, he’s not going to die.

The Ferris wheel jerks back into motion then, their time at the top over, and with the shaking Jongdae had already started, the sudden movement makes Lu Han almost topple over.

“I’m going to die,” he mutters under his breath, taking it all back. He should have said no, he should have told Jongdae the second they got here that they had to go somewhere else, he should have--

“You’re not going to die,” Jongdae says, sounding much closer than he did before. Lu Han still hasn’t opened his eyes but he can feel Jongdae next to him, now, bumping his hip with his own to make more space for him on the small bench. A hand slides down Lu Han’s left arm and pries his fingers off the edge of the seat and instead curls them with Jongdae’s own.

Now Lu Han’s heart is racing for an entirely different reason.

He opens his eyes and stares down at their hands, swallowing thickly. When he looks over at Jongdae, he’s smiling softly, not that mischievous look he’d had on earlier. He squeezes Lu Han’s hand and says, “Why didn’t you tell me you were afraid of heights?”

“It’s our first date,” Lu Han says, embarrassed, “I didn’t want you to think I was lame.”

Jongdae grins. “Well, clearly that didn’t work out.”

Lu Han lets out a deep sigh, shoulders slumping, and Jongdae’s pretty laughter fills up the tiny car. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” Jongdae says, nudging Lu Han’s shoulder with his own. He still hasn’t let go of Lu Han’s hand, and he doesn’t seem to care how Lu Han grips it tighter every time the Ferris wheel moves too suddenly. “I don’t think you’re lame.”

“Really?” Lu Han says skeptically. He just thinks of how Zitao calls him a baby for not going up on the rides or how Baekhyun teases him about how he even gets wary of elevators, sometimes.

“Really,” Jongdae insists. “You braved it for me. That’s pretty cool.”

Warmth spreads out in Lu Han’s chest at his words, and more a little while he almost forgets that he’s up in the air, forgets about his fears, because Jongdae is smiling at him wonderfully and this is really all that he wants.

They don’t really say much else about it for the rest of the ride down. Instead Jongdae rambles on about classes, and how much he’s craving hot dogs, and how one of his favorite bands are playing at a local club and they should go together.

“Are you asking me out again?” Lu Han says, smirking slightly but secretly so pleased that he hasn’t messed this date up entirely.

“I think you’ll be okay at a concert, don’t you? No high places,” Jongdae teases and Lu Han groans.

“You’re never gonna let me live this down, are you?” he asks, narrowing his eyes at Jongdae but ruining it all with his own laughter. Jongdae makes it so easy to make light of the whole situation and that’s definitely another reason to add to the many of why Lu Han likes him so much.

“Nope,” Jongdae says with a wide grin. “It’s cute.”

“I’m not cute,” Lu Han grumbles, but Jongdae pretends not to hear and Lu Han figures he can let him get away with it this once. After all, he’s still sitting there next to him, holding his hand, and making Lu Han feel more comfortable than he could have ever thought possible while doing something that scares him so much.

When they finally make it to the end, Lu Han has practically forgotten about his fears in favor of the way Jongdae’s hand feels in his and how easily Jongdae distracted him with his stories and his kittenish smiles. It’s even better, how Jongdae doesn’t let go even after they’ve gotten off the ride.

“Thank you,” Lu Han says, after a few minutes, when he realizes with a start, he never did.

Jongdae just winks at him and says, “That’s what boyfriends are for, right?”

It’s only their first date but Lu Han thinks boyfriend sounds really, really good. He squeezes Jongdae’s hand and says, “Right.”

note: these were all such a blast to write!!
thank youuus to the ops for the epm prompts, they were so cute and fun :D :D
and thank you for reading! i hope you enjoyed even one of these little things! (~˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘)~ ~(˘▾˘~)
Tags: for: anon meme, p: baekhyun/kyungsoo, p: chanyeol/kyungsoo, p: luhan/chen, r: nc-17, r: pg, r: pg-13, type: fanfiction
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