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k-pop; 10 genre meme

i took a bunch of requests on tumblr for the 10 genre meme and i've been meaning to repost these for ages. i totally failed on the one sentence part of the meme, so most of these are actually short drabbles lol. if you read any, i hope you enjoy! :D

Give me a person or ship and I will write one sentence of ten genres for them. The genres are:
1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack/Humor
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Dark-fic/gen
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

taokai for nav and joyce ♥

1. Angst: Jongin doesn’t like the way that Zitao clings to Sehun these days, wrapping his arms around Sehun’s waist and pressing his face into the crook of his neck, but whenever Zitao looks at him, Jongin smiles back and pretends that nothing is wrong.

2. AU: Zitao’s Korean is not the best but Jongin always speaks slow, which makes the whole experience even better, really, the low sound of his voice in Zitao’s ear as he talks about how much he’d like Zitao to fuck him while Zitao strokes his erection and mentally thanks Lu Han for giving him the number for this phonesex hotline.

3. Crack/Humor: “This should be classified under forms-of-idol-torture,” Jongin grumbles as he stares at the hideously furry bear suit that they want him to wear, while Zitao, dressed (of course) in a panda suit, snickers unhelpfully beside him.

4. Future fic: There’s lots of things that Zitao thinks he would have done differently, in the past, but when he wakes up with Jongin sleeping next to him, he knows for sure that this is not one of them.

5. First Time: The first time Jongin drinks with Zitao is fun and exciting, except in the morning, when he wakes up naked in the bathtub with Zitao, also naked, and has little recollection of how they even got there.

6. Fluff: “Come here,” Zitao says, tugging Jongin just far enough away from the others, hand warm around his wrist, just as warm as his mouth when he kisses him, surprising Jongin because they’re in public and they have to go on stage soon, and what is Zitao thinking--

“Good luck,” Zitao grins when he pulls away and Jongin’s heart is racing and all he can think to do is punch Zitao half-heartedly in the chest.

7. Gen: “No, it’s more like this,” Jongin says, stopping Zitao mid-step to demonstrate the dance move again. Zitao’s brows furrow in concentration as he watches, and then nods before he runs through it again, and when Jongin says, “That’s great,” and smiles at him, Zitao’s chest feels impossibly warm.

8. Hurt/Comfort: Jongin thinks he’s the last person anyone should come to when upset, because Junmyeon or Kyungsoo are much better suited to that sort of thing, but the watery look in Zitao’s eyes is impossible to turn away. Zitao doesn’t tell him what’s wrong and Jongin doesn’t ask, but the way Zitao clings to him tells him that Jongin’s comfort and silence is just what he needs.

9. Smut: “Someone is going to catch us,” Zitao says, but he still pulls Jongin closer, gasping into his mouth and grinding against his hip, clothed arousals rubbing together. “Not if we’re quick,” Jongin hisses back, and Zitao bangs his head against the door as Jongin slips a hand down his pants and wrap fingers around his cock.

10. UST: When Zitao stays late to practice wushu some nights, Jongin meets him after his own dance rehearsals, stopping by the door to the practice room and watching Zitao move with a kind of precision and grace that Jongin really appreciates. He also can’t help but appreciate the way Zitao’s flimsy tank sticks to his chest with sweat and the way his almost too-tight sweatpants cling to his thighs and when Zitao turns to look at him in the doorway, tiny smirk on his lips, Jongin thinks he probably spends more time watching Zitao than actually watching Zitao practice.

fanxing for xxxhunter ♥

1. Angst: “I can’t believe you’re trying to leave,” Yixing says, trying to keep his voice from wavering. “We’ve only been debuted for a year, and we-we’ve only been together for--”

Wu Fan reaches out to grab Yixing’s hand, says, “This doesn’t change anything between us, Yixing.”

“No,” Yixing says drawing away like Wu Fan’s touch has burned him. “It’s changed everything.”

2. AU: Wu Fan sees the young guitarist on the corner of the street everyday when he leaves for work, his guitar case open with a few scraps of bills and coins inside. He smiles at everyone that passes back, and his voice is pleasant to Wu Fan’s ears, and as Wu Fan passes by him again another day, his courage to stop and ask his name grows a bit bigger.

3. Crack/Humor: “I’m serious, it talked!!” Wu Fan exclaims, thrusting Ace into Yixing’s face and Yixing blinks at the stuffed animal and then looks up at Wu Fan.

“I think you just spend too much time talking to it that you’re now hallucinating,” Yixing replies carefully, slowly pushing Ace out of his face and back into Wu Fan’s chest. “Stuffed animals don’t talk.”

4. Future fic: It’s been awhile since they’ve seen each other, a couple of years, if Yixing remembers correctly. After EXO disbanded, it was surprisingly easy to lose track of each other, and Yixing can be pretty forgetful when it comes to replying to emails and phone calls. He doesn’t expect Wu Fan to be there, waiting outside the music agency that Yixing works at in Beijing, especially considering Wu Fan’s now a pretty popular actor and his schedule is almost always filled up, at least according to Lu Han.

“Have time for coffee?” Wu Fan asks when Yixing approaches him.

“Didn’t you just get back from Seoul?” Yixing questions, vaguely remembering hearing some of the female staff talking about Wu Fan’s latest adventures.

Wu Fan looks momentarily surprised, like he didn’t expect Yixing to know that, but then he smiles, wide, and it’s the same, that smile, as the one that Yixing remembers from years ago. “That doesn’t answer my question,” he says.

“I have an hour,” Yixing replies and Wu Fan looks at him fondly.

“That’s more than enough,” he says, and when he takes Yixing’s wrist and leads him down the street, Yixing feels like he’s twenty again.

5. First Time: The first time Yixing tells Wu Fan “I like you” he tries not to let his heart race too fast because Yixing does that sort of thing with Lu Han, and Jongin and everyone, really, randomly patting Sehun on the head and telling him he’s cute. Wu Fan wants Yixing’s words to mean more than just that, just something throwaway like he does with the rest of the group, but when Yixing grabs his hand and interlocks his fingers and says, “Did you hear me? I just said I like you. I thought that you--” Wu Fan thinks he gets it, and quickly says, “No, you’re right. I do.” The way Yixing’s expression relaxes pulls a smile across Wu Fan’s lips and he squeezes Yixing’s hand in his.

6. Fluff: Yixing runs his fingers through Wu Fan's short hair, it feels soft and healthy against his skin and it distracts him enough from the fact that this is the first time he's seen Wu Fan in almost two months, having gone away to work out family problems. It's also reassuring, that yes, Wu Fan really is here, that the large hands that pull him onto his lap and the lips that press against the corner of his mouth are real.

"I missed you," Wu Fan says, and Yixing draws his hands from Wu Fan's hair, instead cups his face instead, and smiles down at him.

"Welcome back," he says before pulling him in for a long-awaited kiss.

7. Gen: “I think it sounded better before,” Yixing says as he sets his guitar aside and pulls the sheets of paper he and Wu Fan have been scribbling notes together on for the past hour. “The lower sound was better suited for your voice.”

“If you say so,” Wu Fan replies, a little flustered as he stares down at the paper with the lyrics he’s been writing. “You’re better at the music stuff than I am.”

“Shush,” Yixing chides him, bumping his shoulder gently with a wide smile. He grabs his guitar again and strums a few chords, says, “Now sing.”

8. Hurt/Comfort: Wu Fan presses the ice pack gently to the small of Yixing’s back, wincing when Yixing hisses. “You don’t need to push yourself so much,” Wu Fan says, trying to be stern, and leaderly, but instead coming out just incredibly worried. He can sense Yixing’s smiling, even though he’s got his face buried in his arms.

“It’s okay, especially since I have you to take care of me,” Yixing replies, after a long while, and Wu Fan chuckles, shakes his head, but doesn’t deny that he will always take care of Yixing.

9. Smut: Wu Fan clenches the sheets in his hands so tightly he's almost surprised he hasn't ripped through them yet. It's probably just a matter of time, though, especially if Yixing continues to torture him like this, red lips wrapped around the head of his cock while slick fingers work him open. He's so close to coming already it's practically a miracle he's still holding himself together.

"God, just fuck me already," he groans to Yixing, who lets his dick fall from his mouth and licks his lips.

"No, I want to make you come for me just like this," he says, and curls his fingers harder inside of Wu Fan, who gasps and arches back into the touch and tries to focus on all the ways he can get back at Yixing for this.

10. UST:Sharing a room with Yixing is worse than Wu Fan thought it’d be, but there’s only so much he can take of Yixing claiming to simply forget to put on clothes before he snaps.

sukai for iqra ♥

1. Angst: Junmyeon’s lips are just inches away from Jongin’s. Just a little bit more, and he could--

“No,” Jongin says suddenly, pushes Junmyeon away with strong hands against his shoulders. “No, I-I can’t--I’m sorry--”

And then he’s gone, out the door before Junmyeon can even blink, and the only thing that he leaves behind is the ache in Junmyeon’s chest.

2. AU: “You know, she really likes you,” Junmyeon says, smiling fondly as his daughter sleeps against Jongin’s lap. “She talks about you all the time.”

Jongin grins, tucks Hana’s hair behind her ear. “Well, that’s good. It really sucks babysitting kids who don’t like me,” he says. “I like her, too. She’s fun.”

“You mean a handful,” Junmyeon says, shaking his head. He can only imagine what Jongin puts up with everyday while he’s at work. Half of the things Hana tells him later makes him cringe in worry, and he’s surprised, still, that after two weeks Jongin hasn’t quit like the others.

“No, she’s great.” He sounds incredibly earnest, and when he looks up at Junmyeon his smile is the same. It makes Junmyeon’s heart skip a beat. “You’re a great father, too. With me, she only ever talks about you.”

Junmyeon’s heart is out of control. He manages to smile back at Jongin and swallows down all the things he wants to say. Later, he tells himself, and tears his eyes from Jongin’s beautiful smile to look at his daughter, instead.

3. Crack/Humor: When Junmyeon wakes up with cat ears and a tail, he almost wakes up the whole dorm with his scream. “I can’t go out like this!” he exclaims, worriedly staring in the bathroom mirror and tentatively touching the furry ears on his head.

“I think you look cute, hyung,” Jongin snickers beside him, and Junmyeon just buries his face in his hands and wonders why him.

4. Future fic: “That’s the last of it,” Jongin says, setting down the final box in his arms atop another in the middle of Junmyeon’s apartment. He wipes his brow with his sleeve and heaves a deep breath. “I have more stuff than I thought I did.”

Junmyeon laughs, slides his arms around Jongin’s waist from behind and kisses the nape of his neck. “And now we have to unpack.”

Jongin groans, turning around to pout at Junmyeon. “Can’t we do that tomorrow? I’m tired and I want to celebrate my moving in, not spend the rest of the day unpacking.”

“Sure, we can celebrate,” Junmyeon says, leaning up so his lips ghost against Jongin’s, and Jongin grins at him, pulls Junmyeon closer with fingers hooked into the belt loops of his jeans, “after we unpack.” Junmyeon pats Jongin’s ass and steps back, ignoring Jongin’s pitiful whine, and says with a grin, “Come on.”

5. First Time: When Jongin kisses him for the first time, tentative and awkward, lips falling to the side of Junmyeon’s mouth instead of directly on it, he lets out a shaky laugh and clenches his fingers into the front of Jongin’s shirt.

Jongin pulls away quickly, far too quick for Junmyeon’s liking, and he looks embarrassed as he says, “What? Why are you laughing?”

That only makes Junmyeon laugh again, now more amused than out of disbelief, and Jongin starts to back up in mortification. “No, no,” Junmyeon says, pulling him back, slipping a hand up around the back of Jongin’s neck to draw him in again. “It’s nothing, I’m sorry, I’m just--”

“Just what?” Jongin asks, eyes big and bright as he stares down at Junmyeon, who doesn’t know how to express what he’s feeling in words, so instead kisses him again and hopes that answers his question.

6. Fluff: Jongin slips into the seat beside Junmyeon on the plane, surprising him because Junmyeon was sure Kyungsoo was supposed to sit there. Jongin just looks at him sort of embarrassedly, before pushing his earbuds into his ears and acting like nothing is wrong. Shaking his head, Junmyeon smiles at him, because with Jongin actions usually speak louder than words, and he doesn’t need to hear Jongin’s reasoning for choosing to sit next to him, or, a few minutes later, dropping his head onto Junmyeon’s shoulder and closing his eyes in sleep, because Junmyeon’s pretty sure he already knows.

7. Gen: “Jongin, stop being lazy and pick up after yourself, you’re not five,” Junmyeon snaps, throwing Jongin’s hoodie at his face from where it’s been left on the floor by the couch for over a week. Jongin splutters and drops the bowl of popcorn he’d been sharing with Sehun all over the floor and Junmyeon groans. “And clean that up, too!”

8. Hurt/Comfort: Jongin is good at keeping his emotions under lock and key, so when Junmyeon catches the tears in his eyes and the way he tries to hide the pain in his waist yet another day, he doesn’t say anything about it, just wraps an arm around his shoulders and offer his support.

9. Smut: Jongin is always so eager, quick, rushed kisses and wandering hands, and it always surprises Junmyeon who’s wanted this for so long that he almost never let himself believe that Jongin would want him back. But he does, he definitely does, if the way he pulls Junmyeon against him, pushes his hips up into his, so he can feel the hardness of his arousal straining through his briefs. And Junmyeon smiles at him, sliding a hand through Jongin’s hair and kissing him slowly, trying to calm him down because Jongin’s getting to that point where he just begs and begs and, while Junmyeon loves that, right now he wants to take it easy.

“Relax,” he tells Jongin, drawing away to tug Jongin’s underwear down to his ankles. “I’ve got you,” he says, and lowers his mouth to Jongin’s cock.
10. UST:Jongin isn’t used to Junmyeon being anything other than kind and smiling, because the “sexy” role in EXO is meant for Jongin, afterall, but as he watches Junmyeon continue to run through their new choreo, faced pulled in concentration, and the flash of his stomach when his shirt rides up is enough to have Jongin reconsidering.

kaiyeol for nav ♥

1. Angst: “I’m home,” Jongin says automatically once he walks into the apartment and toes off his shoes, but when silence greets him, like it has every day for the past week, he remembers, with a start, that Chanyeol had packed up and left, that he’s no longer there to greet Jongin with his cheery, “Welcome back!”

2. AU: “Just lean against the wall there,” Jongin says, not looking up from behind the viewfinder of his camera, and Chanyeol does as he’s told. He crosses his ankles and turns slightly so that he shows off the length of his legs and, of course, the clothing he’s wearing, which is the whole point of being a model; selling the product.

Jongin snaps a couple of photos and then lowers the camera. He smiles at Chanyeol and says, “That’s should be it.”

Chanyeol grins back, pushing himself off the wall and walking over to the computers set up to see the next batch of photos. He eyes Jongin who is fixedly staring at the screen, taking in the planes of his face, the lines of his body, long and lean like a model. Except he’s not. Regardless, he’s still good looking, and definitely the most attractive photographer Chanyeol’s ever worked with.

“Hey,” he says smoothly, “want to get a drink after this? I’ll buy.”

Jongin blinks, looks up at him in surprise, and Chanyeol offers him a small smirk. But then Jongin snorts and looks away. “Sorry,” he says, “you’re not my type.”

Chanyeol gapes at him for a second before quickly recovering. He doesn’t say anything in response, but he’s already determined not to leave it at that. Park Chanyeol is everyone’s type, and Chanyeol loves challenges.

3. Crack/Humor: The second Jongin stomps into the kitchen, his hair a flaming orange, water still dripping down his skin from his shower, and Chanyeol is the first to laugh, quickly clamping a hand over his mouth, Jongin just knows. “You did this, didn’t you?” he exclaims, pointing to his hair and Chanyeol looks like he’s about to suffocate from the way he’s still hiding behind a hand and clearly trying not to laugh.

He shakes his head side to side quickly but his eyes give him away.

“Just wait, I’m getting you back for this,” Jongin hisses and he turns on his heel and heads back to the bathroom, and Chanyeol’s shouts of laughter echo loudly throughout the dorm for a long time afterward.

4. Future fic: “Wait, wait,” Jongin says quickly, staring at their manager like he’s never seen him before. “You want us--” He waves a hand between himself and Chanyeol, who’s sitting beside him looking equally in shock, “--to be lead roles in a BL drama?”

5. First Time: The first time Jongin plucks up enough courage to climb into bed with Chanyeol after a long day, Chanyeol looks at him with big, surprised eyes like he doesn’t believe what’s happening and it has Jongin second-guessing himself right away.

“Well, if you don’t want me here, I can leave,” Jongin grumbles, pulling his arms away from where he’d awkwardly tried to wrap them around Chanyeol’s waist. He doesn’t get far though before Chanyeol is yanking them back, holding them snug around his body and clutching to Jongin the same way.

“I didn’t say that,” Chanyeol says softly into the crook of Jongin’s neck, and his breath his ticklish and his voice still too loud and Jongin doesn’t even know what he’s doing but he thinks he can live with this.

6. Fluff: When the rain suddenly stops around him, Jongin looks up in surprise to find an umbrella shielding him from the droplets. He turns quickly and Chanyeol is standing beside him, wide smile on his face as usual, and umbrella clasped in his hand. It’s not really big enough for the both of them and Jongin opens his mouth to tell Chanyeol he doesn’t need it when Chanyeol cuts him off.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, like he can read Jongin’s mind. The amused look on his face almost convinces Jongin that he can.

Jongin wants to protest but he knows better with Chanyeol, who can be just as stubborn as him and continue to keep that stupid smile plastered onto his face and Jongin isn’t in the mood to argue a good thing. So he lets Chanyeol hold the umbrella over his head, but, after a moment of watching Chanyeol’s arm get continuously wet, scoots over under there’s just a few inches between them. Chanyeol shifts the umbrella, too, and it covers them both well enough now, and Jongin dutifully ignores the soft, affectionate smile that Chanyeol gives him.

“I just don’t want you complaining I got you sick or something,” he mumbles, and Chanyeol’s deep responding laughter makes Jongin warm despite the rain.

7. Gen: “You kept saying you were going to practice with me on the fanboard and yet you haven’t actually come along,” Jongin says, looking at Chanyeol curiously. He’s dressed to go practice, his favorite sneakers in his hand.

“So you read all my fanboard replies, Jonginnie?” Chanyeol asks him, grinning wide. “Did you leave me messages, too?”

Jongin flushes deeply and throws a shoe at his head.

8. Hurt/Comfort: Sometimes the happy virus nickname is too heavy a weight on Chanyeol’s shoulders, because smiling all the time is not as easy as it looks and Chanyeol doesn’t want to look fake. So he’s glad, that, in those times, Jongin will let him curl up next to him and not ask why Chanyeol’s not smiling or laughing like the others do, because Jongin, somehow, understands, and that’s enough.

9. Smut: Jongin’s fingernails dig into Chanyeol’s arm as Chanyeol pushes into him, and the sensation is almost too much to bear. He groans deeply, focuses on the twinge of pain of Jongin’s nails and not on the incredible heat and tightness around his dick, trying not to just pull out and slam back in.

“Fuck,” he hisses once he’s in all the way, and then Jongin is finally releasing his arm to instead tug at Chanyeol’s hair and drag him into a kiss.

“Move already,” he says against his lips and Chanyeol is all too happy to comply.

10. UST:When Jongin leans his arm on Chanyeol’s shoulder and smirks up at Chanyeo instead of the camera for yet another Ivy Club shoot, Chanyeol can only smile back instinctively and push down the thought of how good Jongin looks in that uniform, and how much better he’d probably look without it on.

hunyeol for anon ♥

1. Angst: “I think we should break up,” Sehun says, calm and collected, face as expressionless as ever, and as Chanyeol feels his heart break inside his chest he wonders how it came to this.

2. AU: “You know you really shouldn’t be doing that here,” Chanyeol says, coming up beside the new kid on the school roof. He’s standing with his back against the fenced railing, eyes closed, and his deep blue blazer is on the floor. Chanyeol thinks he’s kind of crazy, considering it’s rather cold out, and he rubs his hands along his own arms to stay warm.

Sehun, or that’s what Chanyeol thinks his name is, opens his eyes then and turns to him curiously, and scrutinizes him fully, eyes dragging up his legs and stopping at Chanyeol’s flop of messy curled hair. He chuckles a bit, then, and looks away as he takes another drag from his cigarette. He blows smoke out between pretty pink lips, and Chanyeol watches the way it disappears into the grey sky. “Are you gonna tell on me?” Sehun asks. “Get the new kid in trouble on his first day?”

Chanyeol shakes his head. “No, I don’t care,” he says. “Just telling you to be careful.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that,” Sehun replies, but he doesn’t look annoyed, and he doesn’t tell Chanyeol to leave him alone, like Chanyeol figured he would when he first approached him. Instead, Sehun looks over at him again, assessing once more, then holds out his pack of cigarettes.

“Want one?” he asks, and Chanyeol’s only smoked a few times in his life and never particularly cared for it, but he takes one anyway and the amused smile Sehun gives him when he coughs loudly after lighting up just about makes it worth it.

3. Crack/Humor: “Why are your boobs bigger than mine?” Chanyeol complains, reaching out to poke Sehun in the chest, and Sehun glowers at him, replies, “We just magically turned into girls and that’s all you have to say??”

4. Future fic: “I can’t believe we’re going through with this,” Sehun says, pulling the pink and white polka-dotted thigh highs up his legs with a frown.

“You’ve been saying that for the past like four months we’ve been planning and rehearsing this,” Chanyeol replies, looking perfectly at ease in the short leather skirt that barely covers his thighs and long brown wig. He looks irritably good, and Sehun reminds himself it’s only because Chanyeol’s already done this sort of thing before and isn’t making faces about it like Sehun is.

“Our first ever EXO concert and you dragged me into this stupid crossdressing scheme,” Sehun grumbles, wobbling a bit on his heels as he stands up. Chanyeol catches him by the elbow and steadies him. Grinning, he reaches up to fix Sehun’s own bright pink wig so it rests properly against his head.

“There,” he says when he’s finished, stepping back to look Sehun over. His grin widens in approval. “You look cute.”

“You look terrible,” Sehun retorts, because it makes him feel better. “If we get through this alive--”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be great!” Chanyeol says, patting Sehun on the back a little too roughly and Sehun just about faceplants. As Sehun picks himself up he makes a mental note that if he does make it through this alive, then tomorrow he can murder Chanyeol.

5. First Time: When Chanyeol decides he wants to get his ears pierced, he drags Sehun along with him.

“Do you want me to hold your hand?” Sehun quips, smirking as he offers Chanyeol a hand. He laughs when Chanyeol smacks it away.

“I’m not scared,” Chanyeol huffs, even though his anxious face suggests otherwise. “We all know Zitao’s a crybaby but he’s got six piercings so it can’t hurt that much!”

Sehun just lets him think what he wants, because Zitao cries over things that are emotional, not because of pain, while Chanyeol makes a big fuss if he stubs his toe against the door. He grips Chanyeol’s shoulder anyway, when the young girl swipes Chanyeol’s ears with rubbing alcohol. Chanyeol doesn’t scream, but he does grab a fistful of Sehun’s shirt when the needle goes in, and lets go only once the gleaming studs are in place and he doesn’t look like he’s going to faint.

“Looks nice,” Sehun tells him, instead of saying looks hot, because Chanyeol’s already examining himself in the mirror and looking delighted and the last thing he needs is an inflated ego. Sehun thinks he’ll just keep those thoughts to himself, at least until the piercings heal, and then maybe he can show Chanyeol just how much he likes them.

6. Fluff: They haven’t had a chance to be together, just the two of them, for awhile now, what with spending every day at the company building. A few quick touches here and there, in between rehearsals and recording sessions, a chanced kiss in the bathroom before anyone else wakes up, and it’s not enough, not by a long shot, but Chanyeol takes what he can get and he savors every moment.

Now though, Baekhyun’s dragged Zitao out of their room and Minseok went shopping with Jongdae, and for the first time in what feels like ages, Chanyeol’s alone in his room. Until Sehun walks in, locking the door behind him with a sly grin and climbing up onto Chanyeol’s lap on his bed. Chanyeol grins widely, hands finding Sehun’s waist and lips finding lips, and he exhales happily as they kiss, slow and unrushed, because, for once, they have the time to spare.

7. Gen: “Happy Birthday!” Chanyeol exclaims loudly, clapping excitedly once Sehun’s blown out the candles. He pats Sehun on the back in congrats, and when Junmyeon’s picked all the candles out from the cake, he grins at Sehun wickedly before pushing his face straight into the frosting.

8. Hurt/Comfort: “Dude, there’ll be other girls, stop wallowing,” Sehun says, stuffing his face with a handful of chips. Chanyeol whines pitifully from where he’s buried his face into Sehun’s stomach, arms clinging around his waist.

“But I don’t want another girl,” Chanyeol says, and Sehun awkwardly pats him on the head, and pushes away the hundred things he wants to say, like you’re too good for her and who cares about her she wasn’t even that pretty and i like you more than she ever would have.

Instead he pets Chanyeol’s head, fingers threading through his hair as Chanyeol tries not to sniffle and hugs him tighter, and lets himself believe that for now this is enough.

9. Smut: Sehun’s fingers tighten in Chanyeol’s short hair, hips bucking up instinctively as Chanyeol’s mouth sinks down around his cock. Chanyeol grips his hips to stop him, and Sehun groans unhappily, pushes slightly at Chanyeol’s head and urges him to take more.

“Don’t be a brat,” Chanyeol hisses at him when he pulls away to gasp for breath. His lips are delightfully red and swollen, chin slightly wet with spit, and Sehun swallows thickly from the sight of it.

Sehun just draws him back in, hand pressed firm against the nape of Chanyeol’s neck, and Chanyeol dutifully sucks him down further, tongue sliding hot and wet along the sensitive skin.
10. UST:“Here,” Chanyeol says, thrusting a handful of chapsticks into Sehun’s palm. Sehun blinks down at them and then looks up at Chanyeol in confusion and Chanyeol, slightly flustered, just grumbles, “Your lips are chapped, you could use them!” He turns on his heel and walks away quickly before Sehun can ask why, and doesn’t say anything about how watching Sehun lick his lips all day, everyday is starting to make Chanyeol’s life incredibly frustrating.

krisyeol for iqra ♥

1. Angst: No matter how many times Wu Fan has to get on a plane with the rest of EXO-M to promote in China, Chanyeol will never get used to having to say goodbye.

2. AU: When Chanyeol, the newest addition to the team, trips over his own feet just walking onto the court, Wu Fan wonders how the hell their coach even left him in the gymnasium, let alone the team. He looks far too easily excitable, with a big grin and short dark hair that make his ears look ginormous, and he seems like he’ll cause more trouble on the court than helping Wu Fan’s team finally win after years of defeat.

But then Chanyeol makes four easy three-pointers in a row, pumping a fist into the air as he turns and meets Wu Fan’s eyes across the court and the smile he gives him then has Wu Fan’s heart inexplicably skipping a beat.

3. Crack/Humor: The fluffy puppy with floppy ears shivers in the rain and Wu Fan doesn’t have the heart to leave it sitting in the wet cardboard box on the side of the street. So against better judgements he tucks the gangly thing inside his coat and rushes home to his no-pets-allowed apartment. Tomorrow he’ll bring the puppy to a shelter or something because he rather likes where he lives and doesn’t want to get kicked out, and even though Wu Fan would love to have a pet of his own, he doesn’t have the time to take care of one right now.

Of course none of that seems to matter when Wu Fan wakes up in the morning to not a puppy sleeping next to him in his bed, but a full-grown man with a mop of curly brown hair and a bright, bright grin. The man is also completely naked.

“What the--” Wu Fan exclaims, jumping away instinctively that he ends up falling off the side of his bed.

The man peers over the side, and he looks, for a moment the same way the puppy did last night as it had tried and failed to climb up onto the couch. “Thanks for bringing me home last night,” the man says with a startling deep voice. “It was really cold out in the rain.”

Wu Fan is dreaming. He must be. “Wait, do you mean--”

“My name is Chanyeol,” the man says and his grin widens even more. “And yes, I’m the puppy you brought home.”

4. Future fic: Chanyeol never expected things to be like this, but he can’t deny he doesn’t mind waiting for Wu Fan at the airport when he lands in Incheon, giving him a big hug when he approaches, even though he would much rather just drag him to the nearest restroom to kiss him. He’s aware, though, of the fans that still follow Wu Fan around, and settles for the warmth of Wu Fan’s body against his, grinning widely and making a snide comment about his hair. Wu Fan glares at him, punches his shoulder half-heartedly, and then they’re off, heading toward the exit, and Chanyeol tries not to think about the fact that Wu Fan will only be in Korea for a month before he has to return to China, because after EXO disbanded, they’d gone their separate ways even though their hearts had remained reconnected.

5. First Time: The first time Chanyeol puts on a maid costume and calls Wu Fan master, Wu Fan decides it will also definitely not be the last.

6. Fluff: There are very few things Wu Fan thinks he likes more than waking up with Chanyeol sleeping beside him, wrap across his waist and breath soft against his shoulder.

7. Gen: Chanyeol claps excitedly as he hears the MC call out EXO-M, getting up to his feet as Wu Fan stands before him. They high five happily and as Wu Fan draws Chanyeol in for a quick hug, Chanyeol happily says, “Congrats!!” into his ear.

8. Hurt/Comfort: “You know, you can tell me if something is wrong, right?” Chanyeol murmurs to Wu Fan who has been quieter than usual this trip, leaning his head against Wu Fan’s shoulder on the plane ride back. Wu Fan’s seemed a little different ever since he returned from his personal vacation, and Chanyeol knows that Wu Fan likes to keep things hidden because he’s supposed to be the leader, and he thinks it doesn’t always matter how he feels as long as he keeps on a strong front. So Chanyeol just offers his support as simply as he can, and when Wu Fan smiles at him and says, “I know,” he feels like for now that’s enough.

9. Smut: Wu Fan’s hands always seem to fit so nicely against Chanyeol’s slim hips, thumbs rubbing in circles as Chanyeol’s nails dig into his shoulders and he sinks down slowly onto Wu Fan’s cock. Wu Fan inhales slowly, nose brushing against Chanyeol’s throat and feeling the way his adam’s apple bobs with Chanyeol’s shuddering breaths, and when Chanyeol is settled completed around him, it’s nothing short of perfect.

“Fuck me please,” Chanyeol gasps, fingers sliding up into Wu Fan’s hair and Wu Fan draws back to look up at Chanyeol’s face, pretty mouth hanging open and eyes a little wild. Wu Fan slides a hand around to the small of Chanyeol’s back, feels the way Chanyeol rocks forward just slightly and he moves almost deeper inside of him, and he groans, catching Chanyeol’s lips in a heated kiss and doing just as he’s asked.

10. UST:Chanyeol can’t help but stare at Wu Fan’s mouth when he talks sometimes (or all the time), even in front of the cameras when he’s sure fans will be able to catch that his gaze is not on Wu Fan’s eyes but a little lower. He doesn’t know what it is really, until he wonders what Wu Fan’s mouth would look like around his cock and then Chanyeol realizes he might have a much bigger problem.

chansoo for jj ♥

1. Angst: Chanyeol hopes the smile on his face doesn’t look as fake as it feels; there’s nothing else he can do but smile and push away all the pain in his heart when Kyungsoo excitedly tells him about his new girlfriend.

2. AU: Chanyeol can’t believe Baekhyun tricked him into taking this stupid cooking club every Saturday morning. Like Chanyeol doesn’t have better things to do on Saturday mornings, (“Working off your Friday night hangover is not an excuse,” Baekhyun had told him before he’d signed them both up for the club.). And not even two minutes into the classroom in one of the buildings on campus Chanyeol’s never been to before, Baekhyun dumps him to go sidle up to that tall Chinese kid with red hair that he talks about all the time, leaving Chanyeol with no partner.

Chanyeol’s two seconds away from ditching entirely when someone slips onto the stool next to him at the table he’d taken in the back. He looks vaguely familiar, and Chanyeol thinks he must be in one of his classes, probably his lit class on Monday’s at eight that Chaneyol tends to sleep through.

“Mind if I join you?” the guy asks, with a small smile, and big inquisitive eyes.

Chanyeol blinks, slowly nods. “I-I was leaving anyway,” Chanyeol says, even though he doesn’t move from his own stool.

The corner of the boy’s lips twitch upward in a smirk. Ah, Chanyeol’s pretty sure his name is Kyungsoo. “Not really your sort of thing?” he asks.

Chuckling, Chanyeol shakes his head. “Plus my friend ditched me for someone else,” he says with a sigh.

“Mine did, too,” Kyungsoo says, points a few tables away toward a tanned boy who is laughing with a classmate Chanyeol recognizes from his math class named Sehun. “You know,” the boy continues, “if you stay, we could be each other’s partners?”

Chanyeol stares at him, tries to think of all the one hundred reasons he’d given Baekhyun as to why he can’t join a stupid cooking class, except saying “I’d rather just spend my Saturday mornings watching porn” to a complete stranger doesn’t sound like such a good idea. And it doesn’t help that the boy is looking back at Chanyeol with hopeful eyes, and Chanyeol is starting to find that he can’t say no.

“I’m really terrible at cooking,” he says weakly, his last attempt.

Kyungsoo just laughs; it’s a nice sound, Chanyeol thinks. “That’s okay.” He smirks. “I’m really good.”

3. Crack/Humor: “I am not okay with this,” Chanyeol exclaims, staring up at his own body that is now apparently occupied by Kyungsoo. “This is too weird. We have to change back.”

“Nah, I kind of like being taller than you for once,” Kyungsoo says, and, to Chanyeol’s mortification, pats him on the head.

4. Future fic: “I can’t believe you’re getting married and you can’t even put on a tie properly,” Kyungsoo chides, shaking his head as he reaches up to fix Chanyeol’s black tie, as Chanyeol laughs and shoves his shoulder.

“Don’t be mean, it’s my wedding!” he says and Kyungsoo’s response is tightening his tie a bit too tight around his neck.

5. First Time: Chanyeol drags Kyungsoo to a norebang one evening they get done with rehearsals early, claiming to the others he wants more practice with singing and rapping and pushes off Jongdae’s and Baekhyun’s attempts to join them. Kyungsoo follows along in amusement, because he’s pretty sure he knows what this is really about, remembering Chanyeol muttering something about first dates and norebangs a few days ago when he thought Kyungsoo was still sleeping. He knows he’s right when the first thing Chanyeol does after they get their own room is to push him against the seat and kiss him, fumbling and overeager, and Kyungsoo just laughs, kisses back for a moment before he pushes him away.

“Someone might see,” he says, gesturing to the tiny window on the door, and Chanyeol looks put out but obediently draws away. Kyungsoo smirks at him as he reaches for the song book, says, “So this was your real plan? Sneaking away to a norebang to make out?”

Chanyeol laughs, not even abashed, and he slides over on the seat until they’re sitting beside each other, thighs pressed up together. “Maybe~” he says, flipping pages in the book before Kyungsoo’s had a chance to look through it completely. Fed up, he pushes the book into Chanyeol’s lap and grabs the other one instead, and Chanyeol’s laugh turns louder.

“Or was this meant to be some sort of lame attempt at a date?” Kyungsoo asks him, and to Kyungsoo’s surprise, Chanyeol doesn’t deny it.

“Do you want it to be a date?”

“I think you do,” Kyungsoo replies.

“That doesn't answer my question,” Chanyeol says, and he pokes him in the shoulder.

Kyungsoo pokes back, laughing, and reaches for the little remote to key in the few songs he’s decided on. “Maybe I do, too,” he admits slowly.

“Only maybe?” Chanyeol prompts. He slings an arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulder and draws him in close, lips ghosting against Kyungsoo’s ear. “This is our first date, really, you could be more enthusiastic.”

“I don’t care about dates, Chanyeol,” Kyungsoo says, and when Chanyeol’s face drops he smiles and pats his knee. “But it’s cute that you do.” He snickers.

Chanyeol huffs a bit. “Shut up,” he says, and Kyungsoo appeases him with a soft kiss.

6. Fluff: There are a lot of things Kyungsoo likes about Chanyeol, from his loud laugh to his big ears, but the thing he likes the most is that he doesn’t have to try so much with Chanyeol. With Chanyeol, everything is easy, laughing together, playing together, just being together. With Chanyeol he can be himself because Chanyeol is the kind of person who tells him how much he likes him, and even though that can be obnoxious sometimes, Kyungsoo finds he likes it, too, that Chanyeol’s not afraid to put his head on his lap and blink up at him behind a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and except Kyungsoo to pet his hair without a word. Kyungsoo does, because he likes Chanyeol’s big smile and the way he mouths, “I love you,” up at him.

7. Gen: It’s become a weird habit to fall asleep on the floor of Jongin and Kyungsoo’s room, one that Chanyeol isn’t even sure anymore how it started. But nowadays there will be an extra pillow and blanket there for him, and Chanyeol knows it’s Kyungsoo who put it there because Jongin wouldn’t care less if Chanyeol bruised himself from sleeping on the floor too much, and just the knowledge that Kyungsoo doesn’t mind having him around more makes Chanyeol accept the kinks in his neck and Jongin’s snoring because he kind of likes the way Kyungsoo greets him “Good morning,” peering down at him from his bed.

8. Hurt/Comfort: Chanyeol’s really good at making people laugh, and Kyungsoo likes that when he feels a tired and upset, that Chanyeol doesn’t ask him what’s wrong or make him talk about it. Instead he just holds Kyungsoo close, warmth seeping through Kyungsoo’s shirt, and talks to him about ridiculous things that soon enough have Kyungsoo laughing into the crook of his neck and forgetting all about his worries.

9. Smut: Chanyeol groans as he clenches the pillow between his fingers, his knees shaking as he tries to keep himself up against the bed. Kyungsoo places a reassuring hand to the small of Chanyeol’s back, leans down and whispers, “Calm down,” into Chanyeol’s ear. He crooks two fingers inside Chanyeol a little deeper, just brushing against his prostate.

“I-I can’t,” Chanyeol gasps, feeling like he’s on a tightrope and one slip over will bring him to his climax.

“Yes, you can,” Kyungsoo says, and he pushes another finger inside, and there, oh god, Chanyeol has to push his face into the pillow to muffle his deep moan and risk waking up the rest of the dorm. He’s so close to coming already, Kyungsoo slowly and teasingly working him open and pushing him to that edge only to pull him straight back, time and time again. He rocks back into the touch, eager for more, eager to come, but then Kyungsoo’s sliding the hand at his hip to wrap tight around the base of his cock.

“You can come when I say,” he says, and Chanyeol chokes back a sob and hopes that it happens really, really soon.
10. UST:It’s not the first time Chanyeol’s ever thought it, but watching Kyungsoo drink from the water bottle, full mouth wrapped around the neck, makes him wonder yet again how his mouth would feel around his dick.

taohun for anon ♥

1. Angst: They get scolded by management once: too close, too much touching, be careful, you’re not supposed to push it that much. Zitao thinks it’s a load of rubbish because the fans like it, and he doesn’t want to just stop being friendly with Sehun because management thinks they’re giving off the wrong idea. But when Sehun starts to pull away from his touches, when Sehun won’t even look him in the eye, Zitao doesn’t think he’s ever felt anything more painful than this in his life.

2. AU: Sehun swallows thickly as he watches the boy - he vaguely remembers Chanyeol saying he name was Zitao - grip the pole on the stage and spin himself around, body taut and skin gleaming under the flashing lights of the club. Zitao leans down, legs straight and ass up, and oh god, Sehun has to discreetly adjust himself because that ass in those tight leather shorts is almost too much to handle, especially since Sehun's had a glass or two to drink and he hasn't gotten laid in weeks (months, more like, as Jongin always unhelpfully reminds him). And this Zitao guy might be exactly Sehun's type, though he doesn't think there's anyway he couldn't be anyone's type, with long legs and an ass that Sehun would love to touch, broad shoulders and a fucking belly button piercing, to match the few that glimmer in his ears. His hair is an alluring combo of red and black, and his eyes are intense behind smoky makeup and, fuck if Sehun isn’t seconds from climbing up onto the stage to press Zitao against that pole and kiss him.

Of course, that’s when Zitao turns and looks straight at him, a slow, sinful smirk pulling at the corner of his lips and he trails a hand down his chest in a way that should very well be illegal. Sehun shifts in his seat, crossing his legs and willing his arousal away, and it doesn’t help one bit when Lu Han slinks up beside him and says, “You know, I can introduce him to you, if you’re interested. He’s a friend.”

Sehun is pretty sure that wouldn’t be a good idea at all, but he can’t come up with any reasons why, only a hundred plus reasons as to how that would be more than good, great, actually, all starting and ending with Zitao naked in his bed. “I’m interested,” he blurts out, and Lu Han’s laughter sounds faraway when Zitao meets Sehun’s eyes again.

3. Crack/Humor: “You are not getting me to wear this just to do chores,” Sehun exclaims, staring in horror at the skimpy maid outfit that Zitao is holding out for him.

“You lost the bet, these were the terms,” Zitao says and he’s failing terribly to hide his laughter.

“The terms didn’t include dress up in a maid costume!!” Sehun shrieks as Zitao starts to help him undress.

“Come on, we don’t have all day, and the dorm is a mess so you should get to work,” he says cheerfully as Sehun tries and fails to run away.

4. Future fic: "I think we should get a cat," Zitao says, voice soft against Sehun's stomach as they lounge together in bed early on a Saturday morning.

"A cat, really?" Sehun replies with a soft laugh, sliding his fingers through Zitao's hair, and Zitao makes a soft purr of contentment into his skin. "I think you're cat enough for both of us."

“Shut up,” Zitao says, pulling himself away to smack Sehun’s shoulder. Sehun snickers louder, and Zitao narrows his eyes as he looks down at him properly. “A cat would be fun!”

“What if I want a dog?” Sehun counters. He curls a hand into the front of Zitao’s tank top and tugs him back in close, smiling as Zitao gently slides his foot along his calf until they’re tangled comfortably against the sheets.

“A dog would be okay, too,” Zitao says after a moment and Sehun’s smile widens, taking in the hopeful look on Zitao’s face.

“We can go look at the pet shops later if you want,” Sehun says, instead of telling Zitao just how he much he would like to get a cat or a dog, a pet of their very own, like the beginnings of their own little family.

“I want,” Zitao says excitedly, before pulling Sehun into a kiss.

5. First Time: “Have you done this before?” Sehun asks, hoping he doesn’t sound as terrified as he feels as Zitao undoes the button and zipper on his jeans and eases them off his hips. He’s hard through his underwear and Sehun flushes as Zitao stares down at him, eyes dark with lust. Zitao smiles at him, expression growing soft and affectionate, and he slides a comforting hand up Sehun’s bare chest, his stomach quivering under the touch.

“I have,” Zitao says and Sehun pouts; this does nothing to ease the nervousness that’s settled in the pit of his belly. It doesn’t bug him that Zitao’s been with someone else before like this, he’s a little glad, when he thinks about it, because at least one of them knows what they’re doing, especially since all Sehun knows is from what he’s seen in porn. “Don’t worry,” Zitao says softly, seemingly noticing Sehun’s anxiety. He slowly kisses his way up from the hem of Sehun’s underwear, across the flat of his belly and over his chest, stopping to flick his tongue across Sehun’s nipple, until he meets his lips again. “I’ll take care of you.”

Sehun shudders from the promise in his voice, from the self-assuredness and the gentle tone, and he smiles at Zitao, curls a hand against the back of his neck and meets him in a kiss, glad that he has someone like Zitao to share his first time with.

6. Fluff: “You don’t have to wait for me, you know,” Zitao says as Sehun settles into the small couch on the other side of the recording room. Zitao’s been staying a little later than the others to practice his rapping and Sehun usually stays with him even though he never asks.

“I know,” Sehun says, as he curls up on his side and pulls his phone out. He says nothing else about it and Zitao smiles at him, shakes his head. He knows better than to argue about it, so he just practices on his own for another hour, getting wrapped up in the music and rhythms and he doesn’t realize so much time has passed until he looks back over at Sehun and finds him asleep on the couch.

Zitao quietly packs up his things and walks over to the couch, staring down at Sehun’s sleeping form in amusement. He crouches down and slides a hand through his hair, murmurs, “Wake up.”

Sehun groans, his face scrunching up in annoyance, but when he seems to remember where he is, focusing on Zitao’s face in front of his, his expression softens. “Did I fall asleep?” he asks, though his words get cut halfway through by a yawn. When Zitao nods, he says, “Sorry, I wanted to keep you company.”

“You did,” Zitao replies, because it doesn’t matter to Zitao whether Sehun is awake or asleep, just his presence is enough to make him feel at ease. Sehun raises a brow curiously at him, like he doesn’t believe that, so Zitao smiles and closes the space between them with a slow kiss. Sehun sighs into his mouth, fingers automatically reaching out to clutch at Zitao’s hoodie, and Zitao slides a hand against the back of Sehun’s neck to draw him closer.

He pulls away a few moments later, breathing heavily against Sehun’s lips, then slowly stands and drags Sehun up with him. Sehun grumbles, complaining about being too tired to leave and can’t they just sleep here, and Zitao laughs, takes his hand and leads him out the doors.

7. Gen: Zitao drags Sehun along to the jewelry store one afternoon, eager to look at the new items that have come in while Sehun sticks to his side and gives him unhelpful opinions. “You should get your ears pierced,” Zitao tells him. “These would look good on you.”

Sehun purses his lips thoughtfully as he looks at the dark studs Zitao’s been considering purchasing. “Maybe someday,” he says.

Zitao grins. “I’ll buy your first pair then,” he says, and Sehun laughs, slings an arm over his shoulder and replies, “I’m gonna hold you to that.”

8. Hurt/Comfort: Out of all the Chinaline members, out of any of them, really, Zitao gets the most easily homesick, and in those moments everyone knows it’s sometimes best to just leave him alone because they don’t want to make him feel any worse. Sehun, though, notices when Zitao’s feeling down, when he stares at his phone more often then not, hoping for a text from a friend or a call from his mother, and Sehun’s not exactly good at feelings or good at making anyone feel better, but he clings to Zitao in those moments and says, petulantly, “How can you be homesick when you have me?” It’s childish and dumb but it never fails to pull a laugh from Zitao, a smile on his face instead of a frown, and Sehun thinks that’s more than enough.

9. Smut: Sehun wraps his lips around the base of Zitao’s cock, sucking hard around him as Zitao seems torn between thrusting into his mouth and holding back, hands fisted tightly into Sehun’s hair. Sehun flicks his eyes up to look at Zitao’s face, cheeks flushed and mouth hanging open, his gaze dark and heavy as he looks at Sehun with something like wonder. Sehun slides his mouth back, gasping for breath when he lets Zitao’s cock fall from his lips, and he strokes him once, twice, then takes him back in, and Zitao groans, mutters, “Shit,” under his breath, and then he’s coming down Sehun’s throat. He shudders under Sehun’s hands that rest at his hips, cock twitching in his mouth as Sehun slowly licks him through the aftershock, flicking his tongue against the come still clinging to the tip, and then he grins, satisfied, as he rests his cheek on Zitao’s thigh, dances his fingers across his hipbone. “Happy birthday,” he says as Zitao threads his fingers through Sehun’s hair softly and a smile pulls at his lips.

10. UST: Zitao thinks that Sehun’s tendency to conveniently forget to wear underwear is going to get himself into trouble one day.

note: these were challenging but a lot of fun. i got to write some pairings i usually don't write so yay! :D i hope you enjoyed them! thank you for reading! (´∀`)♡
Tags: for: ten genres meme, g: exo, p: chanyeol/kyungsoo, p: kai/chanyeol, p: kai/tao, p: kris/chanyeol, p: kris/lay, p: sehun/chanyeol, p: suho/kai, p: tao/sehun, r: nc-17, r: pg, type: fanfiction
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