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k-pop; domestic!fanxing fics

a couple of domestic!fanxing that go with this verse (but you don't have to read that to read any of these). i just really like domestic!fanxing so this just gives me a random verse to write in lol. hope you like them if you read any! :3

tlc / fanxing / domestic!au / pg / 1632 words / prompt / this is the same verse as this fic and the other fics on this post lol

Wu Fan shifts in bed, trying to get comfortable under the covers. He groans, body aching from the fever he’s been fighting over the weekend, the pain making it difficult to ease into slumber. He pulls his right arm out from under the blanket and grabs his phone to check the time.

It’s two in the morning and he groans again, peering at the screen in annoyance like it’s his phone’s fault that he can’t sleep.

“Wu Fan?” Yixing murmurs beside him, rousing from the bright light of Wu Fan’s phone, and he quickly sets it away as Yixing pulls himself up into a sitting position, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Wu Fan says, guilt creeping up his spine and waking Yixing up in the middle of the night, too. “Go back to sleep.”

“You don’t seem fine,” Yixing says, reaching out to press his palm flat against Wu Fan’s forehead. He makes a soft noise of contemplation and then pulls the covers over. “Your fever hasn’t broken yet. Since you’re up, I’ll get your medicine.”

Wu Fan feebly catches Yixing’s wrist before he slides out of bed. “Hey, don’t worry about it,” he says. “I can do it. You should go back to sleep.” He pauses, narrows his eyes. “And didn’t I tell you to sleep in the extra bedroom? I don’t want you to catch what I have.”

Yixing smiles at him, scooting back to his side on the mattress and brushing Wu Fan’s slightly damp hair from his face. “I can’t sleep in there. It’s lonely,” he says, and despite his sickness and the possibility that he might end up making Yixing sick, too, hearing him say that makes Wu Fan’s heart swell. “Also the sun rises from that side and it wakes me up too early.” He pouts and Wu Fan laughs, flicks at his nose.

“Well, don’t blame me if you end up sick, too,” he says and Yixing shakes his head, slipping back out of bed.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” Yixing says, and he disappears into the adjoining bathroom to grab Wu Fan’s medicine. Wu Fan hears the faucet run for a few moments before the rush of water cuts off the silence fills the apartment again. Yixing pads back out with a glass of water and pills cupped in his other hand, stopping by Wu Fan’s side of the bed to hand them to him. Wu Fan gingerly sits up to pop the pills into his mouth and down the glass, and the water feels especially refreshing.

He sighs, satisfied, and sets the glass onto the bedside table next to his phone as Yixing climbs back into bed. Wu Fan settles back against his pillows as Yixing lays down beside, making sure to not get too close and make his body hotter.

Wu Fan shivers involuntarily, and the aches in his body only seem to increase. He tries to close his eyes and go back to sleep but the fever is distracting. He tosses and turns for what feels like hours, but is only a few minutes because then Yixing’s hand finds his under the covers, squeezing gently.

“Still can’t sleep?” he asks, and even in the darkness of their room Wu Fan can clearly see the concern in his eyes.

He shakes his head. “Aches,” he mutters, feeling a little pathetic because he’s a grown adult and he’s had fevers before, he should be able to deal with all of this without whining about it.

But Yixing doesn’t care, smiling kindly at him again and sitting back up. “Where?” he asks and Wu Fan raises a brow at him, not sure what Yixing is planning to do. Yixing blinks at him expectantly though and Wu Fan replies, “Legs, mostly. But it’s kind of everywhere.”

Yixing hums in acknowledgement and pulls the covers off of Wu Fan, throwing him an apologetic look at Wu Fan’s instant shudder. “Let me help,” is all he says, before he’s reaching over Wu Fan to pull open the bottom drawer on the bedside table. He rummages a bit before retreating with a small bottle of lotion.

“Are you giving me a massage at two in the morning?” Wu Fan says incredulously, and Yixing just chuckles, squeezing lotion into his hands and rubbing them together. He peels off Wu Fan’s loose pair of sweats and presses his palms to his thighs. The cool slickness of the lotion is startling and makes Wu Fan shiver again, but then Yixing is slowly and gently kneading his muscles with his fingers and the sensation is immediately effective.

Sighing in pleasure, feeling the most relaxed he’s felt in hours, maybe since his fever hit early Friday morning, Wu Fan sinks back against the pillows and lets his eyes fall shut.

“Feels nice,” he whispers and he can sense Yixing’s pleased smile even though he can’t see it. “Where did you learn to give massages like this? Have you been holding out on me?”

Yixing’s laughter is soft and comforting, and his hands move down from his thigh to his calf. “I’ve never done this before,” he says.

“Lies,” Wu Fan says, disbelieving.

“It’s true!” Yixing says with a laugh. Wu Fan hears the bed creak a bit as Yixing moves over to the other side to work on his other leg. “I just want to help make you feel better, is all.”

Wu Fan peers his eyes open again, blinking in the darkness until he can make out the lines of Yixing’s form in front of him. “Hey,” he says softly. “You’ve helped me so much. The past few days would’ve sucked without you.”

“I know,” Yixing says. Wu Fan can see the pull of his lips into a smile even though he’s staring down at his hands slowly massaging Wu Fan’s thigh. “I like taking care of you. Because you always try to be so tough.” He turns to Wu Fan then, eyes narrowing. “Like if you’d properly stopped to eat during your shifts, you wouldn’t get sick in the first place.”

Wu Fan laughs, but it turns into a cough and pulls at his chest. “Ugh,” he grumbles, rubbing his face with his hands. “This sucks.”

“Such a baby,” Yixing teases, finishing up his massage and pulling Wu Fan’s sweatpants back on. He climbs over him and back to his side of the bed, yanking the covers over them and presses a kiss to Wu Fan’s temple. “Better?” he asks, rests his head on Wu Fan’s shoulder.

Wu Fan nods. “Much,” he says, his whole body feeling lighter and nearly two hundred percent more comfortable. “Thank you,” he breathes into Yixing’s hair, his hand slipping between them until he can thread his fingers with Yixing’s, press their palms together.

“Get some sleep, Wu Fan,” Yixing says, leaning back to kiss his forehead again, fingers gently brushing along the side of his face as Wu Fan’s eyelids flutter and sleep finally comes.


“I still think it’s funny that you managed to get sick at all. You’re supposed to be a doctor,” Yixing says around a mouthful of rice.

Wu Fan hands him a napkin and replies, “Doctors aren’t invincible.” Yixing dabs at his face with the napkin, before balling it up in his fist and letting it roll onto the kitchen table. Wu Fan woke up that morning feeling the best that he has since he got sick, managing to even pull himself out of bed so they could eat breakfast together in the kitchen. His fever hasn’t quite yet broken yet but the constant aches are gone, which has definitely lifted his spirits.

“If I catch your cold will you take care of me Doctor Wu Fan?” Yixing questions. He smirks at him mischievously.

Wu Fan leans close to him and says seriously, “I’d take care of you even if I wasn’t a doctor.”

Yixing’s expression twists into disgust and he shoves Wu Fan away, palm pressed flat against Wu Fan’s face. Wu Fan laughs, loud voice filling the kitchen, as Yixing says, “Ewww, is it part of your job description to be a sap, too?”

“No, that just comes naturally, but I know you love it,” Wu Fan retorts.

“I think I like you better when you’re sick and vulnerable,” Yixing mutters, getting up to put his empty dishes into the sink. Wu Fan follows and Yixing takes his plate from his hand and sets it into the sink as well. He reaches for the sponge and dish soap to clean up but Wu Fan tugs at his elbow and pulls him toward him.

“Thanks, Yixing,” he says and Yixing blinks at him curiously.

“For what?”

“Taking care of me,” Wu Fan says, rolling his eyes at Yixing’s obliviousness.

Yixing’s mouth forms a little “o” in realization and then he grins. “Well, we all know you’d be lost without me,” he says cheekily and jumps away laughing as Wu Fan pinches his waist. “Also you’re not completely better yet, so go back to bed!” Yixing adds, waving his hand toward the bedroom, soap suds from the sponge flying into the air.

“Yeah, yeah,” Wu Fan grumbles, and even if he’d much rather stay out here and bother Yixing he knows he’s right. He’ll only get better if he rests properly. He still catches Yixing in a hug, squeezing his waist and pressing his lips to Yixing’s cheek, and a laugh bubbles out of him as Yixing shoves him exclaiming, “Gross, don’t give me your germs!”

Cackling, Wu Fan heads back to the bedroom, Yixing’s irritated muttering following him out, and thinks that with a little more rest and Yixing’s presence he’ll be better in no time.

mornings taste sweeter with you / fanxing / domestic!au / pg / 1134 words / prompt / this is the same verse as this fic and the other fics on this post lol

Sunlight shines through the tiny sliver between the curtains where Wu Fan didn’t pull them shut properly the night before. He groans unhappily, turning away from the brightness and squeezing his eyes tight to stay asleep. He feels Yixing make a soft noise beside him, twisting in bed from Wu Fan’s discomfort and smacking him in the chest with the back of his hand. Wu Fan sighs, a smile pulling at his lips at that, and he gives into the fact that he’s probably not going to be able to fall asleep again.

He stretches his arms over his head, feels the muscles in his back roll pleasantly as the kinks from sleep fade away. He grabs his phone from the bedside table and taps at the screen, sees a few text message alerts, and a quick glance tells him they’re all from Chanyeol reminding him about grabbing dinner that night because Wu Fan keeps bailing on him and it’s finally his day off so he has no excuse not to be there, each message with an abominable amount of emoticons and exclamation marks that makes Wu Fan’s head hurt so early in the morning.

Rolling his eyes he types up a quick response to his friend and checks the time in the corner of his phone. It’s just about ten o’clock which is later than Wu Fan had expected it to be, but still much earlier than he’s used to waking up on Saturday mornings when he has a day off. He’s even more surprised to find that Yixing is still asleep, as Yixing is always awake before he is, making breakfast or watching the news on television as he grades assignments for his classes.

He sets his phone back onto the table and turns to look at Yixing who is calm and peaceful in sleep. His hair is in his face, hiding his closed eyes, and his mouth is open slightly against the pillow. Wu Fan smiles as he watches him sleep for a few minutes, then reaches out to brush his hair away from his face. Yixing stirs, brows furrowing, but he doesn’t wake up and Wu Fan is glad. He knows Yixing’s been really busy lately, what with it being mid-term, and he’s spent many nights catching up on grading and creating exams. These days it hasn’t been out of the ordinary to find Yixing still awake when Wu Fan returns from the hospital, hunched over a pile of papers at the kitchen table and greeting Wu Fan with a tired smile and darkness under his eyes.

“You’re starting to look like me,” Wu Fan teased him the other day, and Yixing laughed, reached over to smush his palms against Wu Fan’s face.

“Please,” he said, “you only think you have circles under your eyes, but your ridiculous skin treatment process every night takes care of that for you.” He pinched Wu Fan’s cheeks before drawing away, laughing again at Wu Fan’s glare, and then added, “Besides, who would want to look like you? Not me,” and shrieked when Wu Fan tackled him to the couch.

Now Wu Fan thinks Yixing could use all the sleep he can get, and not have to worry about making breakfast or doing the laundry when he gets up. Carefully, Wu Fan slips out from under the covers and heads to the bathroom to wash up. He grabs a plain white t-shirt from the closet and yanks it over his head as he heads out of the room and to the kitchen, stopping at the television to turn it to the news so he can listen as he works.

Yixing is the better cook between the two of them and Wu Fan doesn't even remember the last time he ever made breakfast. He putts around the kitchen for awhile, checking over what they have and what he can make without burning. He pulls out a few eggs, because if there's anything Wu Fan can make it's a killer omelet, and decides on some toast, too. Simple, but at least Yixing won't wake up and complain that he didn't put enough water in with the rice or something.

He ends up burning his first omelet because he gets distracted by the news, and is definitely glad Yixing is still asleep so he can’t make fun of him for it. He scrapes off the mess from the frying pan and tries again and he’s just finishing up the second omelet when Yixing walks into the kitchen, fighting a yawn behind a hand.

“Hi,” he says, voice still groggy with sleep, and he presses a kiss to Wu Fan’s cheek. “You’re making breakfast?”

“Don’t look so surprised,” Wu Fan says, eyes narrowing. “I know how to do this much.”

“And how many eggs did you burn before you made these?” Yixing asks him knowingly, eyes bright.

Wu Fan ignores him for grabbing the bread out of the toaster and dropping a piece onto each of their plates. He heads to the fridge to pull out the jam, holding up the two jars in his hands. Yixing points to the strawberry and he returns the grape to the fridge and slides the jar over across the counter. Yixing jumps up onto the counter and uncaps the jar, yanks open the drawer between his legs to grab a knife and two forks.

Yixing spreads jam across a slice of bread and holds it up for Wu Fan who blinks, surprised, but then laughs and dutifully opens his mouth to let Yixing shove it inside. Yixing snickers as Wu Fan almost drops the rest of his toast, but manages to catch it before it hits the floor and sets it onto his plate.

“Good?” he asks after a few minutes, once Yixing’s stuffed his face with a few bites of his omelet and toast.

Yixing nods, grinning around a mouthful. “You usually don’t bother making breakfast though, so why today?” he asks.

Wu Fan shrugs. “Just felt like it,” he replies simply but he can tell Yixing doesn’t believe him, making a tiny noise of skepticism before taking another bite of his toast. He gets a bit of jam stuck to the corner of his mouth and Wu Fan smiles, leaning over to kiss him, swiping his tongue over side to clean it off. Yixing laughs into his mouth and pulls him closer, the drawer between his legs slamming shut loudly as Wu Fan steps between him instead and their kiss is soft and slow with the sweetness of strawberry jam lingering around the edges.

Yixing pulls back first with a grin and says, “You should make breakfast everyday.”

Wu Fan just chuckles, shaking his head, but he thinks he could probably get up early again tomorrow, too.

anytime / fanxing / domestic!au / pg / 1296 words / prompt / this is the same verse as this fic and the other fics on this post lol

Wu Fan hasn’t been to the university in awhile. The last time he was here was when Yixing dragged him along to see a student concert that a few of his students had invited him to. That was about three months ago, and that time Yixing had been with him so Wu Fan didn’t have to pay attention to where they were going, just let Yixing lead him to the spacious concert hall.

Now though he tries to navigate the large campus on his own, feeling more than a little lost in the throng of students who give him odd looks as they pass by. Wu Fan vaguely remembers what the building Yixing’s office is in looks like, and wanders in through the doors, heading for the stairs because he does remember Yixing’s office being on the third floor. He tried calling Yixing before he headed over, but when Yixing didn’t answer Wu Fan figured he must still be in class. He only has about an hour before he has to head off to work himself so he hopes Yixing’s almost done teaching so he can drop off the lunch he forgot and not be late for his shift.

Wu Fan walks down a fairly empty hallway toward where he hopes Yixing’s office is only to stop in his tracks when he catches what is undoubtedly Yixing’s voice coming through one of the open classroom doors. Peeking inside as discreetly as possible because he doesn’t actually want to disturb Yixing when he’s working, he finds Yixing standing at the front of a classroom filled with around fifteen students. He’s laughing about something a student just said, before turning to the chalkboard to write a few things down.

Wu Fan draws back and waits by the door and just listens, a smile creeping across his face as Yixing goes on about the book his class has been reading. He sounds happy and enthusiastic, and Wu Fan can just imagine the brightness in his eyes, the dimple in his cheek, and the smile on his face.

He only has to wait a few minutes before Yixing is dismissing the class and Wu Fan can hear the students rustling papers and shoving books into backpacks before shuffling out of the room. He steps aside a few feet so he’s not in the way, and Yixing comes out last, staring down at a stack of papers in his hands and walks right into Wu Fan.

“Sorry--Oh! What’re you doing here?” Yixing exclaims, looking up at Wu Fan in surprise.

“Guess what you forgot. Again.” Wu Fan holds up the packed lunch that Yixing had made that morning but had left on the kitchen counter.

Yixing blinks at him and then looks down at the lunch and laughs. “Oops,” he says. He takes it from Wu Fan, and waves at Wu Fan to follow him, heading down the hall to his office a few doors down. Closing the door to his office, Yixing turns back to Wu Fan and leans up to greet him properly with a kiss on the lips and Wu Fan grins as he returns it, pulling him close with hands at his hips.

“You didn’t have to come all the way down here to bring me my lunch,” Yixing says when he pulls back. He walks to his desk and drops his materials from class on top and sets his lunch down beside it.

“It’s fine,” Wu Fan says. “You’ve made a lunch everyday this week and left it on the counter each morning. I figured you’d like to be able to eat at least one of them.” He shrugs.

“How thoughtful,” Yixing teases and Wu Fan narrows his eyes at him.

“Don’t be mean after I went through all the trouble of coming down here just to make sure you eat,” he says and Yixing snickers.

“Sorry,” he says, not sounding sorry about anything at all. He walks back over to Wu Fan and wraps his arms around his waist, tilting his head back to look up at him. “Should I have said, ‘you are the greatest boyfriend ever, what would I do without you?’”

“Well, I wouldn’t complain,” Wu Fan replies, laughing.

Yixing makes a face at him and retorts, “Tough, because that’s where I draw the line.”

Wu Fan just laughs again, reaches up to slide a hand along Yixing’s cheek, fingers threading through his hair. Yixing’s expression relaxes, something soft like affection filling his eyes, and he smiles up at Wu Fan, squeezes his waist as he clasps his hands together behind Wu Fan’s back. Wu Fan sighs, trying to calm his heart’s rapid beating, the way it always gets whenever Yixing looks at him like that, even after all these years, and leans down to catch his lips in another kiss. He feels Yixing’s smile pull even wider as he kisses back and Wu Fan knows he should let go because he has to leave soon to get to work on time and Yixing still has classes. He wishes he could just stand right there and enjoy the warmth of Yixing’s arms around him and the sweet taste of his lips against his for awhile longer but that’s not possible.

Reluctantly, Wu Fan draws away and steps back, clearing his throat before he says, “I should go. I have to head to the hospital and coming here kind of put me out of of the way.”

“That’s why I said you didn’t have to,” Yixing chides him. “All for a lunch. I can get food on campus, you know.”

“I know,” Wu Fan says, shrugging again. “Maybe I just wanted an excuse to bug you at work.”

“And make out in my office?” Yixing laughs. “I see how it is.”

“Actually I was hoping for sex, but I don’t think there’s enough time for that,” Wu Fan replies smoothly and Yixing slowly smirks, stepping up to him and closing the space between them again.

“Are you sure? I don’t have another class for an hour,” Yixing says as he reaches out to run his fingers over Wu Fan’s tie.

Wu Fan swallows, because damn if that is not tempting. “I was kidding,” he chokes out. When Yixing raises a brow at him disbelievingly, Wu Fan adds, “Mostly.”

“Lame,” Yixing says with a sigh as he draws away again, heading to his desk and opening up his lunch. “I’ll see you at home then?” he asks.

Wu Fan nods, turning toward the door and grabbing the knob. “I might be late so just go to bed and don’t wait up for me,” he replies sternly.

“Okay, okay,” Yixing says, but Wu Fan knows he’ll probably stay up anyway like he has the past few days. The other day Wu Fan came home to find him fast asleep on the couch with the television still running and he knows that Yixing’s been busy with a lot of work for his classes that him staying up just to wait for Wu Fan to get home is taking a toll on him, too.

“I mean it, Yixing,” Wu Fan says and Yixing sighs, but nods. Wu Fan shakes his head because he knows how stubborn Yixing can be and this is probably a lost cause. He pulls open the door and is about to head out when Yixing calls out his name. He turns back, asks, “What?”

“Thanks for this,” Yixing says, holding up his lunch and offering Wu Fan a grateful smile.

Wu Fan grins back and replies, “Anytime.”

at the end of the day / fanxing / domestic!au / pg / 1256 words / prompt / this is the same verse as this fic and the other fics on this post lol

It's past midnight when Wu Fan finally gets home, dragging himself through the doors of the building and nearly falling asleep in the short elevator ride to the fifth floor. It takes him a few tries to get the key to the apartment into the lock correctly, mind focused intensely on the comfort of bed and Yixing's warm body that is waiting for him on the other side.

It was an incredibly exhausting day, with one too many irritable patients and an emergency surgery just before he was supposed to get off over an hour ago. Normally Wu Fan can deal with crabby patients who complain about the hospital staff's incompetencies but with as little amount of sleep he’d gotten the night before, it was difficult to maintain a nice, calm demeanor throughout the day. He’s glad to just be done with the day and to go home and sleep.

The lights in the apartment are all out, but Wu Fan’s come home late enough to not need to bother turning them on. He slips out of his shoes and hangs his coat in the hall closet easily and heads down to the bathroom to wash up, tossing his clothes into the hamper. He finds a clean pair of sweatpants in the bedroom closet to tug on and then happily slides under the covers in bed, reaching out for Yixing only to come up empty handed. He pats the side of the bed a few times but he only feels the cool sheets under his palms, and sudden fear hits him hard in the chest.

He scrambles over to flick on the lamp by the bed and in the dim lighting it’s clear that Yixing’s not there. Wu Fan doesn’t remember Yixing saying he’d be out late anywhere, and he jumps out of bed in panic, heading out into the rest of the apartment and turning on every light he can on the way.

Wu Fan comes to a quick halt at the foot of the couch, finding Yixing spread out across the leather seats, one arm dangling off the edge and his mouth open slightly. The anxiety in his body fades away, but his heart is still beating madly, unsure how he even managed to walk past here twenty minutes earlier and not notice Yixing was there. Yixing’s made it a bit of a habit to wait up for Wu Fan on nights he works really late, but most of the time he’s still awake when Wu Fan gets back, or, if he did manage to fall asleep on the couch, the television would be running or the light in the kitchen would be on because Yixing forgot to turn it off. The apartment was completely dark when Wu Fan came in tonight, so he’d just figured Yixing had actually gone to bed for once instead of waiting up.

He sighs, rakes a hand through his hair and walks over to the other end of the couch where Yixing’s head is, crouches down to look at his face closely. “Don’t scare me like that,” Wu Fan murmurs to him, reaching out to push Yixing’s hair away from his face.

He doesn’t mean to wake him up but Yixing stirs at his touch, eyes fluttering open and shut a few times before he seems to fully focus on Wu Fan in front of him. A smile pulls at the corner of his lips. “You’re home,” he says.

“Hey,” Wu Fan says, smiling back. “Why’re you out here again?”

Yixing blinks at him for a few seconds, then glances around the room, only then seeming to realize he’s not in bed but on the couch. When he looks back at Wu Fan there’s a tiny guilty expression on his face. “Oops?” he says and Wu Fan narrows his eyes.

“Yixing,” he says sternly, shaking his head when Yixing pouts at him. “You’ve got to stop staying up like this everyday, it’s already taking a toll on you, sleeping on the couch is not good for you waist you know that--”

The rest of his words are muffled by Yixing’s hand, palm pressed flat over his mouth. “I know,” Yixing says quietly, pulling his hand away when he’s sure Wu Fan won’t continue ranting. “I don’t always mean to do it, I just sort of end up here.” He wets his lips thoughtfully and adds, “I just like to see you when you get home. With all your long hours, and me leaving for work before you even get up somedays, it’s like we don’t see each other much anymore.”

Wu Fan’s chest tightens at Yixing’s words, and even though he’s thought the same thing many times, he’s never voiced it out loud and until now neither had Yixing. He sighs, rubbing a hand across his face, and looks at Yixing sadly. “I’m sorry,” he says.

Yixing laughs at him, pokes his forehead. “Why are you apologizing?” he says. “It’s just how it is, it can’t be helped.”

Sighing again, Wu Fan gently slides a hand along Yixing’s cheek and says, “I miss you, too,” and Yixing smiles at him widely, drawing his dimple out.

“I know,” Yixing replies. “But enough of that. You look like you’re about to fall over. Let’s go to sleep.”

Wu Fan smiles as he stands, then reaches out to grab each of Yixing’s hands in his own and tugs him up off the couch. Yixing stumbles a bit into his chest, but wraps his arms around Wu Fan’s waist and squeezes, elbows digging into Wu Fan’s sides just a bit, but it feels nice, really nice, the solid heat of Yixing’s body pressed up perfectly against his. Wu Fan slides a hand up and down Yixing’s back as Yixing lets go of him just enough so they can walk down the hall to the bedroom.

“Why were all the lights on?” Yixing questions from under the covers as Wu Fan flicks off the last one that he’d turned on in his earlier panic.

“I didn’t notice you were on the couch until I got into bed and you weren’t here,” Wu Fan answers as he plugs his cellphone into the charger and sets his alarm for the next morning, glad that he remembered unlike earlier when he’d almost gone to sleep without doing so. Yixing tugs him into bed afterward, fingers slipping around his hips and pressing flat against the bare skin of his stomach. “I sort of panicked and turned all the lights on when I wasn’t sure where you were.” Saying it aloud like that makes it sound rather ridiculous and Wu Fan rubs at his nose, averting Yixing’s intense gaze.

But Yixing just smiles at him and hugs him tight again. “You’re so cute,” he says and it’s not teasing, like he does sometimes (or all the time, really), it’s a hundred percent sincere and it makes Wu Fan flush hotly down his neck.

"Go to sleep, Yixing," Wu Fan says, brushing the hair from Yixing's face again, and pressing a kiss to his forehead. He feels Yixing smile into his shoulder as he closes his eyes and pushes away the panic from earlier, the knowledge of another long work day tomorrow and how he'll only see Yixing for an hour or two in the morning if he even manages to wake up when Yixing does, and just indulges in Yixing beside him, warm and soft and there, and how, at the end of the day, that's all he ever needs.

note: yay fanxing (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ they just make me really happy ;~; thank you for reading!! i hope you enjoyed even one of these~ :D ♥
Tags: g: exo, genre: fluff, genre: romance, p: kris/lay, r: pg, s: domestic!au, type: fanfiction
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