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fic; making the impossible possible

Title: Making the impossible possible
Pairing: Pin, implied Jin/Rina
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Prompt: The only thing that's stopping Pin from being ~together~ is the impossibility of being parents. Rina offers to make it possible.
Author’s Note: 1779 words. For ryogrande through the Pin Meme Part 2. :D The title is stolen from the tagline of Yukan Club. XD

Yamapi stares dumbfounded at Jin, who isn’t looking at him. “W-What?” he says breathlessly.

“I’m sorry, Pi,” Jin says, still looking down at his lap. “But I just. Can’t anymore.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Yamapi asks. “Is there someone—”

“No!” Jin exclaims, gaze flicking up to Yamapi’s face as he shakes his head. “No, nothing like that.”

“Then what?” Yamapi demands.

“I want kids!” Jin shouts back, finally meeting Yamapi’s eyes dead-on. Yamapi shrinks away from him, from seriousness, and the hurt he sees in Jin’s dark gaze. “I want kids, Pi,” Jin continues, voice softer, as he looks away again. “And I love this, love you, but, I can’t have kids, not like this.”

Yamapi’s heart is beating ten times as fast in his chest; he doesn’t know what to say, how to react. He stares at Jin with wide eyes for an eternity before he finds his voice to say, “I-I thought you knew that, when we got into this. We-We both knew that—”

“I know,” Jin cuts in. “I thought it’d be okay with it, I thought that if it was just you, I would be fine.” He lowers his head even more, as if ashamed by the things he’s saying. “I’m not, Pi. I see friends having kids, and I want my own, too.”

Despite the hurt, and even anger Yamapi feels burning inside him, he reaches for Jin’s hands, squeezes him gently. “Jin, is there really no one else? I know you want kids, and if you’re doing this, then…then you must have found someone, r-right?”

Jin shakes his head vigorously again. “There isn’t, Pi,” he says. “I-I want kids, but I want them with you. I want to raise them with you.”

Yamapi sighs. “Jin,” he says softly. “T-That’s not exactly possible with us, you realize. I mean, you’re good at cross-dressing, but you’re not that good.”

Jin laughs, slugs him in the arm, and as Yamapi returns his smile, some of the tension fades away.

“We could adopt,” Yamapi says quietly after a few minutes of silence.

This time Jin squeezes Yamapi’s hands, offers a small smile. “I-I want my own kids, Pi,” he says firmly. “I’m sorry.”

Yamapi pulls his hand away, and puts on a smile. It doesn’t reach his eyes, and makes Jin wince. “It’s okay!” he laughs off. “I can’t be angry with you for something like this. You’ve wanted children for as long as I can remember.”

Jin bites his lip and gives Yamapi sad eyes. Yamapi sighs and slides off the bed, staring at the floor. Jin gets up instantly and says, “I-I think I should go,” and walks to the door. When Yamapi doesn’t stop him, he adds, “I…I’ll call you later.”

Yamapi nods, offers a tiny smile, and watches Jin leave. A few seconds later he hears the front door open and close, and then slides back into bed, curling up with himself and doesn’t hear the door from the room next to him click shut slowly.

. . .

“What’re we doing here?” Yamapi questions as he stares across the coffee table at his baby sister, and ignores Jin who is sitting beside him. They haven’t spoken for weeks.

“I have to talk to you. The both of you,” Rina says, glancing at Jin, who looks just as confused to being called to the Yamashita household without any explanation.

“What could you possibly have to say to us both?” Yamapi asks. “We haven’t even talked to each other for. Well, for a long time.”

“I know that,” Rina says. “Because the two of you are idiots.”

“Hey!” Jin inputs, “I am not—”

“Shut up, Jin-kun,” Rina snaps, and Jin falls silent, eyes wide. She sighs, softens her expression and voice, and says, “I know what happened between the two of you. Your…disagreement.”

Yamapi and Jin look at each other, then back at Rina, and shift uncomfortably. Then Yamapi narrows his eyes at her. “You eavesdropped again!” he accuses.

“No, you guys just talk really loud,” Rina retorts. “And the walls are paper-thin. But that’s not the point!” She glares identically back at her brother and continues, “And I think you’re both stupid for letting go of such a good thing because you want children of your own.” She fixes Jin with a stern look and Jin conveniently picks a loose thread on his sweater to pick at.

“Rina, did you call us here to lecture us?” Yamapi says with a sigh.

“Partly,” Rina says, “because someone has to do it.”

“What’s the other part?” Jin inquires.

Rina sighs and sits up a little straighter. “I have a solution to your…problem,” she says.

“We already discussed adoption,” Jin says, and Rina refrains from smacking him.

“I know that, I heard your conversation, remember?” she says, rolling her eyes. “No, I have a different solution. A better solution. That would give you both what you want.”

Yamapi and Jin blink at her uncomprehendingly and Rina shakes her head. She gives them a reassuring smile and explains, “Let me.”

“Let you what?” Yamapi demands.

“Let me have the baby for you,” Rina says, trying not to roll her eyes again.

As Yamapi stares blankly at her, Jin’s eyes light up, and Rina’s almost certain she’ll get them to agree; it’s really the only way, if they want to be together, and want to fulfill their dreams. She’s not sure why neither of them thought of it before, but then again, they practically broke up over the whole thing, so she can’t really expect them to think outside the box.

Expectedly, Yamapi’s shout of outrage is the first verbal response. “What?” he exclaims, looking aghast. “B-But, you…you’re, you—”

Rina sighs. “Nii-chan,” she says patiently, “I’m not as innocent as you may think.”

“You’re my baby sister. You will always be innocent to me,” Yamapi replies, unsuccessfully wrapping his head around Rina’s offer. “Do you even realize what you’re saying?”

“Of course I do,” Rina says, a little offended. “And what’s the big deal, anyway? You’d both be able to stay together, and raise a child of your own.”

Yamapi glances at Jin, who hasn’t said a word, who just stares at Rina like she’s some kind of magical goddess come to answer all of his prayers. Yamapi sucks on his lower lip, turns back to Rina, and says while looking horribly disgusted, “D-Does this mean…you…and Jin…together?”

Jin seems to snap out of his reverie at these words, clearly not having processed the situation all the way through. He looks wide-eyed between Yamapi and Rina, and Rina sighs again, explains, “That is certainly one way…And the easiest way. But there’s another option.”

“What?” Jin demands, grabbing Yamapi’s hand from his knee and gripping it tightly. Yamapi stares at their joined fingers, and when he doesn’t let go, Rina smiles.

“In vitro,” Rina says. “I’ve researched it.” She gestures to the folder sitting on the coffee table. “It’s usually to treat infertility, but, I think it could be used in this situation, too.” She looks between the two of them; Yamapi is still skeptical, but Rina knows her brother well enough to know he’s already warming up to the idea, especially when Jin instantly reaches for the research and starts reading like his life depends on it. Jin’s completely sold, Rina knows, and there’s not much left for her to do or say.

She stands, and smiles at them both when they look up at her. “I just want you to be happy, you know,” she says. “And I really don’t mind doing this. Really,” she emphasizes when Yamapi opens his mouth. “Think about it for awhile. You don’t have to decide right now either.”

And then she returns to her room; it’s all up to them, now.

. . .

“Let’s do it,” Yamapi says quietly, nearly four months later.

Jin shifts beside him in bed, looking up through his bangs. “Do what?” he mumbles sleepily.

“W-What Rina offered,” Yamapi answers, and instantly Jin’s sitting up straight, traces of tiredness gone, and staring brightly at Yamapi like he never has before. In that moment, all of Yamapi’s hesitation evaporates; this is what he wants, too.

“Really?” Jin exclaims. “You’re sure?” He’s bouncing like a little kid, and Yamapi can’t help but laugh. He grabs Jin’s wrist and pulls him back down, kisses his forehead, his nose, his mouth.

When he pulls back, Yamapi nods firmly and says, “I’m sure.”

Jin tackles him with a hug so fierce Yamapi starts to lose his breath, but then Jin kisses him and steals it all. After they’ve calmed down, Yamapi intertwining their fingers between them, he says, “Just don’t tell me when you two…do it. I don’t want to know.”

“We could try the other way,” Jin says quickly.

Yamapi shakes his head. “It’s more complicated, and expensive. And there are too many risks, and Rina’s already offering, and—”

Jin silences him with another kiss, then pulls back to say, “Okay. Okay.”

Yamapi sighs deeply, closes his eyes, and Jin presses his head against Yamapi’s shoulder and breathes, “Thank you,” into his skin.

. . .

Jin is crying more than the baby, the small bundle of pink in his arms. He hasn’t let go of her since Rina handed her to him and Yamapi sees a future of a very spoiled daughter.

Yamapi smiles as he sits on the arm of the sofa beside Jin, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Jin starts a little, glances up at Yamapi, and only seems to cry harder, and Yamapi laughs. “You look horrible,” he tells him, and Jin tries and fails to glare back.

Their daughter cries loudly, and Jin beams, says, “See, even Miki thinks you’re being mean.”

Yamapi rolls his eyes, turns to look at Rina who’s lying in the hospital bed, watching them with something akin to stars in her eyes. She looks at Yamapi when she notices his stare and smiles brightly, and Yamapi doesn’t know what to say to her, what to do for her in exchange for what she’s given them.

“It’s okay,” she says quietly, reading his mind. “I’m happy if you’re happy. Are you happy?”

Yamapi looks down at Jin, and their daughter, a miracle he never thought would be possible, and when Jin takes his hand and presses their palms together, indescribable warmth spreads from his heart all throughout his body. He kisses Jin’s hair, rests his check against the older man’s head, and nods at Rina.

“Yeah,” he says softly, grinning as Miki starts to cry again, “I’m happy.”


note: Miki (美記) means “beautiful story.”
Tags: for: pin fic meme, genre: angst, genre: fluff, p: yamapi/jin, r: pg-13, type: fanfiction
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