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fic; cause pink is the love you discover

Title: Cause pink is the love you discover
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa/Ueda Tatsuya
Rating: PG-13/Soft R
Summary: This thing with Ueda is almost starting to seriously concern him, because any spare moment he has, he’s thinking of that stupid episode, of Ueda’s stupid smiles, of Ueda’s stupid laugh, and of those stupid pink pajamas.
Author’s Note: 2599 words. This was for captain_u’s Pink Pajamas Challenge, obviously inspired by the CTKT episode where Ueda wore amazing pink pajamas. You don’t need to see that at all to read this, but it’s subbed here if you want to. Otherwise just know Ueda looks really cute in them. :D (Oh and Jin is there too.)

Somehow I placed second in the challenge which still surprises me since this fic is pretty lame, but okay, I'll take it. XD I’m just glad I can finally say I’ve written Pida! :D

Oh, and the title is a line from Pink by Aerosmith. I will stop talking now. >.>

“You’re actually getting rid of things? You’re like a pack-rat, though. I’ve never seen you get rid of anything before,” Jin says from where he’s sitting cross-legged on Yamapi’s bed, the only place free from the mess of clothes about the younger man’s room.

“Some of these clothes don’t fit,” Yamapi explains. “It’s pointless to keep them. And they aren’t yours, Ryo’s, or Yuu’s style, either. So I can’t pawn them off to any of you.” Yamapi folds a pair of jeans and puts them into a box full of other old clothes next to him.

At the end of every few months, the jimusho has a clothes drive type thing. The company itself goes through a ton of fabrics and costumes and instead of throwing them out, someone came up with making the members participate in a drive. They’re encouraged to bring old clothes, clothes they’ll never wear, what-have-you to work and leave them out in the lobby for anyone to take as they please, no questions asked. Whatever is left behind at the end of a few days gets taken to charity, along with most of the leftover costumes (because who thought anyone would actually want to keep those?).

Yamapi usually doesn’t take anything from the drive; he has enough clothes as it is, and anything he needed he could just easily buy. But occasionally he’ll dump off a few of his own things; too small shirts, ripped jeans, worn out shoes. This time, however, he figured he’d do some serious cleaning up, the clutter was starting to get to him.

“How long will this take?” Jin asks impatiently.

“If you help, it’ll go faster. And then we can go eat,” Yamapi replies.

“Okay!” Jin exclaims, perking up at the prospect of food. He flops down beside Yamapi and sifts his way through the unsorted pile. A few moments later, he bursts out into laughter, pulling out a pair of pink pajamas. “You still have this?” he says, laughing harder when Yamapi snatches the pajamas from him, flushing with embarrassment. “That dare was from like three years ago!”

“I just never got around to tossing it out, okay?” Yamapi defends. “But now I can. Along with those horrible memories.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Jin says, grinning as he recalls the dare he and Ryo had made Yamapi go through, something involving a twenty-four hour convenience store at midnight and those pink pajamas.

“Then you should have done it,” Yamapi says darkly. He folds up the pajamas and puts them into the box. “Now shut up and help me out.”

Jin obliges, and they spend the next hour going through the rest of Yamapi’s clothing.

Later, when Yamapi’s in the bathroom, Jin sneaks out the pink pajamas and hides them away in his closet.


“I’m home!” Yamapi calls out wearily, exhausted from a full day of photoshoots and interviews, plus an intense workout at the gym. He toes off his shoes and shuffles down the hall as Jin shouts back, “Come here!” from the sitting room.

“What?” Yamapi asks when he sees him, finding Jin on the couch watching something on television, which upon closer reflection is Jin himself. “Isn’t your head already big enough without having to watch yourself on television, too?”

Jin ignores him. “Put your stuff away and come watch. I know you’re going to love this.”

Yamapi feels a wave of impending doom wash over him at those words, and thinks it might be better to just hide in his room and wait until whatever this show was to finish before coming back out. But he does what Jin tells him to, anyway, because curiosity gets the best of him, and really, there’s just something about not being able to say no to best friends.

That’s how Yamapi finds himself sharing a bowl of popcorn and nursing a beer on the couch next to Jin while watching the opening sequence of KAT-TUN’s new episode of CARTOON KAT-TUN. Yamapi had seen a few scattered episodes here and there – the one where Jin proposes to Leah Dizon being a favorite – but usually on accident or for the lack of anything better to do. Jin never promotes his show; he does mention things they do on it every once in awhile, but never expects Yamapi to actually watch them. So Yamapi can’t deny that he’s intrigued; what could be so special about this particular episode that Jin is actually making him sit down and watch.

Jin doesn’t give anything away, but the unusually wide smile on his lips, tells Yamapi more than he needs to know, and he watches with amusement as Jin gets told by some middle-aged comedians to go dress in pajamas.

“Nice outfit,” Yamapi remarks when Jin appears on the screen, clad in blue pajamas with white polka-dots.

“You’re just jealous,” Jin replies easily, which has Yamapi’s interest even more piqued; normally Jin would tell him to shut up about what kinds of things they make him wear, but obviously Jin’s trying to make sure Yamapi doesn’t leave. What could be so important in this show that he needs to stay—


Yamapi’s eyes widen when Ueda appears on screen, also wearing a pair of pajamas, but not just any pair of pajamas, his pair of pajamas. The pink pajamas. “What the fuck,” he manages and then Jin bursts out laughing, clearly having held that in for a long time. “What the hell, Jin?” he demands, turning to his best friend who’s shaking from the force of his laughter.

“You should’ve seen your face,” Jin gasps and Yamapi rolls his eyes and gets up to leave. “No!” Jin shrieks, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back down. “You have to stay and watch. It’s fun!”

“How’d he get my pajamas?” Yamapi asks. “Those are mine, aren’t they?”

“What do you mean how? You put them in the box, remember,” Jin replies flippantly, and coughs behind his hand when Yamapi eyes him skeptically. “Uhm, forget about the pajamas, watch the show.”

Yamapi grumbles but settles back against the couch, however Jin’s advice is harder to follow. He can’t watch the show because he’s too busy thinking about the pajamas. More specifically, the pajamas on Ueda, who just happens to suit them scarily well.

Yamapi can’t really deny he’s never thought about Ueda before, though yes, passing, fleeting thoughts, whenever he occasionally saw the older man in person or on television. Ueda is beautiful, Yamapi can’t lie his way around that, and now, after all of his crazy strange phases, has really grown into himself. Always smiling, like sunshine, it makes Yamapi curious – what (who) makes him do that.

Of course they’ve never really talked outside of polite greetings at company meetings or in the halls of the jimusho. And other than singing Daite Senorita together at countdown two years ago there’s nothing there.

But now, as Yamapi watches Ueda smile and laugh and sing and play along with the others, he wonders why he never bothered to change that before. It doesn’t help that the pink pajamas makes the older man look a hundred times more endearing than normal, somehow making his grin more gorgeous, his eyes more bright, his laughter more melodic.

Yamapi can’t take his eyes off the screen, off Ueda, and when he’s acting confession scenes on the balcony, Yamapi feels something flutter in the pit of his belly. He squirms uncomfortably in his seat, unsure why he’s reacting this way to Ueda of all people, to pink pajamas of all things. However, the longer he watches, the more the feelings intensify.

Yamapi doesn’t even realize the show has ended until Jin shakes his shoulder and says, “Pi?”

Yamapi jolts out of his inappropriate reverie and turns to his best friend, trying to cool his expression so Jin can’t guess what he’s thinking.

“You okay?” Jin asks.

Yamapi nods though he doesn’t feel all that fine at all. “Y-Yeah, yeah. Fine,” he says, then puts on a smile that doesn’t completely reach his eyes. “That was a good episode.”

“I thought you’d find it interesting,” Jin says, grinning, then gets to his feet and stretches. “So, what do you want for dinner?” he asks as he heads into the kitchen and Yamapi doesn’t even reply, his mind stuck somewhere else entirely.


Yamapi has never been this preoccupied about something before, at least not that he can remember. But this…this thing with Ueda is almost starting to seriously concern him, because any spare moment he has, he’s thinking of that stupid episode, of Ueda’s stupid smiles, of Ueda’s stupid laugh, and of those stupid pink pajamas.

He can’t stop thinking about it. And as the days go on, the thoughts get worse, until he’s imagining things he would otherwise never imagine without plausible cause. Whatever this is, it’s wrong, he doesn’t even know Ueda, hardly speaks to him or even sees him, but this man is now over-powering any other thought he has.

He doesn’t get just how bad it is, this Ueda-obsession, until he comes home from basketball practice one day to find an extra pair of shoes in the genkan and two voices laughing in the sitting room. His stomach flipflops when he sees Ueda sitting on the couch with Jin, watching a movie.

“Hey, welcome back,” Jin greets him, eyes never leaving the screen.

Ueda turns to him, though, and says, “Hi, Yamashita-kun. Sorry for intruding.” He smiles brightly from where he’s wrapped up in an afghan, holding a mug of tea in his hands.

“H-H-Hi,” Yamapi stammers eventually and when Ueda’s smile widens, his eyes dancing and his cheeks a faint pink, Yamapi’s heart jumps and he finally, finally, gets it.


A week later, Yamapi goes to get the pajamas back. It makes sense to him that if he has them then maybe he will stop thinking of Ueda wearing them. Never mind the fact that he’s more or less realized it’s not really the pajamas anymore but Ueda himself.

At any rate, it all makes sense in his head, and he asked Jin for Ueda’s address (and suffered the humiliation of being laughed at for twenty minutes because Jin demanded to know exactly why he needed to see Ueda and wouldn’t let Yamapi leave the apartment until he knew).

Just a small price to pay, Yamapi thinks, as he stares at Ueda’s door like he has for the past ten minutes. Since he’s going to fix the problem right now, it doesn’t matter if Jin knew about his weird-not-crush-but-yet-a-crush on Ueda. Now if only he could actually get himself to knock on the damn door, maybe this not-crush would have a chance of going away.

It’s only when a few of Ueda’s neighbors pass him by three times, casting him suspicious looks, eyeing his dark jacket, large sunglasses, and black beanie, that Yamapi finally plucks up the courage. He’d much rather be inside with Ueda than dealing with someone calling the cops. Taking a huge breath, he sighs and knocks on the door before he loses his nerve, then waits anxiously, rocking on the balls of his feet for Ueda to answer. Only then does it occur to him that maybe Ueda’s not even home and what is he going to say anyway if he is and just when Yamapi’s having a heart attack on Ueda’s doorstep, does he hear the click of the lock and the door opening.

Yamapi’s breath dies in his throat when he finds the older man standing before him, hair tied up in a messy pony-tail, glasses perched on his nose, and wearing those fucking pink pajamas.

“Yamashita-kun?” Ueda says, sounding surprised. “What’re you doing here?”

“I-uhm,” Yamapi says unintelligibly, mind blanking completely, his heart racing as he takes in Ueda’s appearance.

Ueda blinks. Then steps back and says, “Come in.”

Yamapi thinks he’d much rather prefer running away at this moment, but does what Ueda says, fighting the new burning urge to push the older man up against the wall and just ravish him. No one should be allowed to look that adorable. No one.

“Can I get you anything? Drinks?” Ueda says, walking further into his apartment like Yamapi showing up on his doorstep late at night was normal.

“N-No!” Yamapi says quickly, slipping out of his shoes, pulling off his hat, and following Ueda to the kitchen. “It’s okay. I won’t be here long.”

Ueda just smiles at him and pours a glass of water anyway. He hands it to Yamapi and says, “You look like you need it.”

Yamapi bites his lip but takes the proffered glass. He hangs his sunglasses from his collar and takes a sip, the water actually calming his nerves. “Thanks,” he tells Ueda when he finishes the glass, and Ueda beams.

He leans against the counter and asks, “How did you know I lived here?”

“Perks of having my best friend in your group,” Yamapi replies and Ueda laughs.

“Akanishi needs to learn to keep his mouth shut,” Ueda muses.

“Do you not want me here?” Yamapi blurts out, then covers his mouth with a hand in horror.

But Ueda only chuckles and shakes his head. “No, it’s fine. Though I would like to know why you’re here.”

Yamapi blinks at him as if he doesn’t understand what Ueda means, then swallows down the thickness in his throat and drops his gaze to the floor. He berates himself for even coming here, for thinking this would help. He clearly has it worse than he ever thought possible, because he can barely stare Ueda in the eye without wanting to – no, no, no, don’t even go there!

“Yamashita-kun?” Ueda asks worriedly, stepping up to Yamapi and tilting his head to peer at him, Yamapi’s eyes still trained on the floor. “Yamashita-kun?” He puts a hand on Yamapi’s elbow and it’s like a switch goes off in Yamapi’s brain.

It’s not until he’s got Ueda pushed back against the sink and has his tongue in his mouth does Yamapi even realize what he’s just done. But then Ueda’s got his hands sliding up Yamapi’s back, fingers curling into the fabric of his coat, and is murmuring softly against Yamapi’s lips before pulling back and staring at Yamapi from behind his glasses, eyes bright and licking his lips and oh god.

“I-I-I-uhm,” Yamapi falters, not sure what the hell he’s even doing anymore.

Ueda grins at him, sweet and gorgeous, and Yamapi feels his skin tingle. But the feeling is nothing like the way his nerves are set alight when Ueda threads his fingers in his hair and pulls Yamapi close by the collar of his shirt to seal their mouths together again.

Within the next hour, Yamapi comes to learn that he quite likes having Ueda writhing beneath him; back arching, nails scratching, vocal chords singing. And that those pink pajamas are much better left on the floor.


Ueda wakes up in the morning to find Yamapi sleeping beside him, an arm throw over Ueda’s naked waist, and sunlight glowing over the slope of his back. He sighs contently and smiles, reaching over to the side table to grab his phone without waking up Yamapi. Yamapi stirs a little, but just presses his face more comfortably against the pillow, his fingers tightening on Ueda’s hip.

Ueda lays back on the mattress and as he watches Yamapi sleep, his heart warm, sends Jin a thank you message with the promise of lunch, whenever Ueda finally decides to get out of bed, that is.

Tags: p: yamapi/ueda, r: pg-13, r: soft r, type: fanfiction
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