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omg i can has fic index?


Nishikido Ryo/Kato Shige
Regrets; PG-13
Punishment; NC-17
Better than any dream; PG-13
Bright sunshine; PG
Shattered pieces of a perfect world; PG-13
But you've made me smile more; PG
The words I cannot say; PG-13
Don't let go just yet, we'll continue to glitter like fallen snowflakes; PG
Kismet; PG, AU
Can you feel the love; PG
Love Notes; PG
Dude looks like a Lady; NC-17, genderswitch
Defining Moment; PG, AU
Quiet, please.; NC-17
Love me for love's sake; NC-17, AU
Oh, baby, you're so fine (you're so fine, you blow my mind); PG-13
It's all fun and games (until you fall in love); PG-13
Fly me to the moon; PG
All that matters; NC-17
The Morning After; PG-13, a choose-your-own-adventure fic
Arrested; NC-17, AU
Wake up Call; NC-17
The Best Present; PG
Face your fears; PG
If you want me, call me, come and take a risk (kiss me somewhere deep below the surface); PG-13, AU
Iridescence; PG-13, AU, co-written with rolling_scone
Untitled; NC-17
Can't stop (thinking about you); NC-17
Shalala Birthday; NC-17
Staking Claim; NC-17
Wintertime fun; NC-17 for snowballing
The Real Thing; NC-17
Gamble; NC-17
Roommates; NC-17, AU
Clairvoyance; NC-17
Support; PG
Vantage Point; NC-17, sequel to Gamble
Anniversary; PG-13, AU, "sequel" to Love me for Love's Sake
Seven A.M.; PG, AU
Bad Romance; NC-17, AU [sequel to Arrested]
Lay me down; NC-17, AU
Keep me in your memory (leave out all the rest); PG-13, character death
Late Night; NC-17
Love the way you lie; NC-17 for dub-con, violence/abuse
Rejuvenate; NC-17
Perfect Lullaby; NC-17
Play a love game; NC-17
Bitter trials and blessings in disguise; AU, PG
Smoke; NC-17
Gravitate; AU, NC-17
Evanescence; Hard R for murder, cutting, paranoia, character death
Unbreakable; AU, PG-13
Don't look now (you've got me going); PG-13
Year of the Rabbit; NC-17
Legalities; NC-17, AU
Offshot; NC-17, AU
Grenade; NC-17, +Shige/Yamapi
Hanging by a moment; PG-13/R
Return the Favor; NC-17
Overtime; NC-17, AU

Yamashita Tomohisa/Nishikido Ryo
Warmth; NC-17
It starts in the candlelight; PG-13
Alcohol and time stops; NC-17
Rise and Shine; NC-17
Shut up and (don't) drive; PG-13 [lots of RyoPin friendship as well]
Summer Lovin'; PG
Incandescent; NC-17
Sex on Fire; NC-17, plus Jin
Untitled; PG

Yamashita Tomohisa/Kato Shigeaki
Count the moments; PG-13, AU
More fun with you; NC-17
Mistletoe; PG
Ultimatum; Yamapi/Shige, AU, NC-17 for mindfuckery, abuse of power, borderline dub-con/non-con
Grenade; NC-17, Yamapi/Shige, +Ryo/Shige
Tainted; NC-17, AU, sequel to Ultimatum

Koyama Keiichiro/Kato Shigeaki
Five ways Shige can get Koyama to shut up; PG-13
Let me hold your hand; PG, AU [a sort of "prequel" to Through the Camera Lenses, though unnecessary to read that first]
Plan(s) of Action; PG
Only in your fantasies; NC-17

Other pairings
Five times Shige was trapped in an elevator; Koyama/Shige/Ryo, PG-13
Five times News was horribly inappropriate in front of Shige plus the one time he didn't mind so much; NewS/Shige, PG-13
Intoxicated; Ryo/Tegoshi, PG-13
Blessed Seduction; Ryo/Tegoshi, PG-13
Escape; Yamapi/Koyama, NC-17, AU
Check up; Yamapi/Tegoshi, NC-17
Only in your fantasies; Ryo/...Ryo, Shige/Koyama, NC-17
This is the real party; Yamapi/Kusano, Pin, Ohkura/Yamapi, NC-17
Victory; Yamapi/Kusano, NC-17
Love Game; Shige/Shige [Host!Shige/Salaryman!Shige from the PV], NC-17
Triad; Ryo/Shige/Yamapi, NC-17
Tradition; Ryo/Shige/Yamapi, NC-17

Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya
Cause you're the only one (who makes me this crazy); NC-17
Dance with me; PG, AU
One more time (for a simple twist of fate); NC-17, AU
Reset; PG
Because you told me to; PG
Hey There, Gorgeous--Oh Wait, it's Just Jin; NC-17, genderswitch

Other Pairings
The better nurse; Ueda/Kame, NC-17
Timeless; Jin/Ueda, PG-13
Time is of the essence; Ueda/Kame, NC-17
Just another year; KAT-TU/N, NC-17
Sharing is Caring; Kame/Koki/Yamapi, NC-17
Impressionism; Jin/Ueda, PG-13, AU
Akaku Somaru Kuchibiru; Kame/Nakamaru, NC-17
Requiem; Jin-centric, no pairings, R for cutting and drugs
Hit this live (say hello with a fist); Jin-centric, PG-13
Kizuna; Kame-centric, Kame/AT-TUN, PG
Everything turns to ash; Kame/Ueda, PG-13 for stalking, paranoia, mindfuckery

The start of something good; Ohkura/Yasuda, PG-13, AU

Yamashita Tomohisa/Akanishi Jin (+others)
Carnival Lights; PG-13
Photoshoot; RyoPin, NC-17
I wanna taste of that; Jin/OFC/Yamapi, NC-17
Dangerous Love; NC-17, AU
Hypnotic on my heart; Yamapi/Koyama/Jin, NC-17
My angel, you're my angel; PG-13, AU
Like in the movies, only better; NC-17, AU
And we ain't even close yet; RyoPin, NC-17, AU [sequel to above fic, though not necessarily needed]
This fated journey; PG-13
Speed up like on a freeway; NC-17
What's your kink?; RyoPin, NC-17
This is the real party; Kusano and Ohkura, NC-17
Cuddle with me; PG-13
Sexting; R
10 rules for a perfect household; R
Just the beginning; PG, AU
Falling is like this; PG, +Reio/Rina
Taking the chance; NC-17, genderswitch
Distance; PG-13
Making the impossible possible; PG-13, +implied Jin/Rina
Lean on me; PG-13
All Along; NC-17
Christmas Morning; PG
Conspiracy; RyoPin, NC-17
Break the ice; Ryo/Yamapi/Jin/Shige, NC-17
Side by side; PG
Eternal; NC-17
Body Talk; NC-17
Beautiful Nightmare; NC-17 for borderline dub-con/non-con
A Better Idea; NC-17
At your service; Yamapi/Jin/Kame, NC-17, AU
Hit this live (say hello with a fist); RyoPin friendship, PG-13
Not part of the plan; Ryo/Shige/Yamapi/Jin, NC-17
Take my breath away; NC-17 for breathplay
Come on get higher; NC-17 - now with podfic!
Revelations; NC-17, AU
Sex on Fire; RyoPin, NC-17

Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya
Love me; Ryo/Ueda, PG-13
A song for you and me; Ryo/Ueda, PG
Together; PG-13, MPREG
Fighting for Air; NC-17

Other crossover pairings
I feel pretty; Kame/Tegoshi, NC-17
Strawberry Picking; Kame/Tegoshi, NC-17
Unexpected Consequences; Jin/Tegoshi, NC-17, AU
This is how we bond; Ryo/Nino, NC-17
Spicing things up; Shige/Jin, NC-17
Your dirty little secret; Ueda/Koyama, NC-17
Studying you; Shige/Nakamaru, NC-17
Present for you; Koyama/Ryo, NC-17
How you take my breath away; Yamapi/Nakamaru, PG
Making an Impression; Ueda/Yamamoto Yusuke, NC-17
Too much of a good thing (is still a good thing); Nakamaru/Masuda, PG
Cause pink is the love you discover; Yamapi/Ueda, PG-13/Soft R
Crash and Burn; Yamapi/Nakamaru, PG-13
Sharing is Caring; Kame/Koki/Yamapi, NC-17
Shared Space; Kame/Uchi, NC-17
You're my star, I'm your #1 fan; Ryo/Saito Kazuyoshi, PG
Control; Ryo/Jin, NC-17 for gunplay
Aftermath; Jin/Shige, PG-13
Taste; Yamapi/Kame, NC-17
Let's go little Kitty Kat; Jin/Shige, PG

I wanna taste of that; Jin/OFC/Yamapi, NC-17
I choose you; Yamapi/Koda Kumi, NC-17
Hot for it; Yamapi/Toda Erika, NC-17
Making Headlines; Shige/Aragaki Yui, PG-13
Fake is funky; Shige/OFC (girl from Koi no ABO PV), NC-17
Thriller Night; Jin/Uehara Takako, PG
We're getting closer and closer (I'm outta control); Kame/Naka Riisa, NC-17
Love in a sunflower; Jin/Alan Dawa Zhuoma, PG
Falling is like this; Akanishi Reio/Yamashita Rina, PG, +Yamapi/Jin
Ease the tension; Ryo/Mizukawa Asami, NC-17

The Member-switch Program; NewS, KAT-TUN, Shige-centric; PG
College Life; NewS plus Jin, Shige-centric; PG
Yamapi to the rescue; Yamapi, Jin, NewS; PG
Life in the dorms; Shige-centric, NewS, KAT-TUN; PG
Prank King; Ueda, Jin, KAT-TUN; PG
Cause you had a bad day; NewS, slight Ryo/Koyama/Shige friendship, PG

Swindled; Kurosaki/Ariake Taisuke (Kurosagi/Ryusei no Kizuna), NC-17
I'll keep you (my dirty little secret); Asou Haruto/Osugi Kenta (1 Liter of Tears/Papa to Musume no Nanokakan), PG
He tastes like you, only sweeter; Kurosaki/Yabuki Hayato + Yabuki Hayato/Odagiri Ryu (Kurosagi/Gokusen2), PG-13
Troublemaker; Aizawa Kosaku/Shochikubai Miroku (Code Blue/Yukan Club), PG-13
Doppelganger; Kurosaki/Aizawa Kosaku (Kurosagi/Code Blue), NC-17
Beginnings; Kijima Yasube/Yusa Hiroko (Chonmage Purin), PG

Nishikido Ryo/Kato Shigeaki
Nothing more interesting; PG-13
Bunny Suit; PG-13
Dinner outings; NC-17
Piggyback; PG
Piercing; NC-17
Our Love [20 RyoShige drabbles]; PG to PG-13
Isn't it obvious?; PG
Denial; PG-13

Yamashita Tomohisa/Akanishi Jin (+ others)
Nothing Better; RyoPin, PG
Like lovers; PG-13
Fifth time's the charm; NC-17
Out of body experience; NC-17 [erm, maybe more like Yamapi/Yamapi. idefk]
Our special brand of memeber-ai; NC-17
Causing trouble; NC-17
Untitled; RyoPin, PG
After party; PG
Snow; PG
Yours and Mine; PG

Other Pairings
Tastes a little sticky; Ueda/Tegoshi, NC-17
Poolside party for three; Ueda/Shige/Ohkura, NC-17
Lesson; Ryo/Shige/Yamapi; NC-17
Simple Seduction; Jin/Shige, NC-17
Undressed; Yamapi/Koyama, NC-17
Hypnotized; Shige/Ohkura, NC-17
What happens in Jin's car (stays in Jin's car); Ueda/Ohkura, NC-17
Seduction; Kame/Shige, R
Untitled; Ryo/Ueda, PG
Untitled; Jin/Massu, PG-13
Untitled; RyoPi, PG
Morning After; Kame/Naka Riisa, PG-13
Need you now; Akame, PG-13
Date(less) night; RyoPi, PG-13
Fighter; Yamapi/Ueda, PG
Valentine's Promise; Yamapi/Shige, PG-13
Long-distance Valentine; Ryo/Ueda, NC-17

Playlist meme drabbles 01; various pairings

Ten Genres meme drabbles 01; various pairings
Ten Genres meme drabbles 02; various parirings

Drabble Batch 01; various pairings
Drabble Batch 02; various pairings
Drabble Batch 03; various pairings
Drabble Batch 04;various pairings
Drabble Batch 05; various pairings
Drabble Batch 06; various pairings
Drabble Batch 07; various pairings
Drabble Batch 08; various pairings
Drabble Batch 09; various pairings
Drabble Batch 10; various pairings
Drabble Batch 11; various pairings
Drabble Batch 12; various pairings
Drabble Batch 13; various pairings

Empty Rooms. RyoShige/KoyaShige/RyoPi, PG-13. [Completed]
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Ai Nante. RyoShige/KoyaShige, PG-13. [Completed]
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

Through the Camera Lenses. RyoShige/KoyaShige/KoyaTego, PG-13, AU. [Completed]
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12

Can't turn back again. Pin, NC-17. [Completed]
01 | 02


Say Something; Baekhyun/Chanyeol, NC-17
Run and Gun; Sehun/Jongin, NC-17, AU, warning for gunplay
Surrender; Baekhyun/Zitao, NC-17, warning for breathplay
Clandestine; Baekhyun/Jongin/Zitao, NC-17
愛 ~ like a tattoo on the heart; Kris/Yixing, NC-17
Off the Runway; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, AU
A little fun; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, warning for crossdressing
If it's you; Kris/Chanyeol, NC-17
It's not easy being green; EXO-K gen, PG
Ask for it; Baekhyun/Kris, NC-17
Notice me; Jongdae/Zitao, NC-17
Melt you down; Kris/Yixing, NC-17, AU
Watching You, Watching Me; Chinaline(Lu Han, Kris, Yxing, Zitao)/Jongin with established!Lu Han/Jongin, NC-17, warning for humiliation kink, exhibitionism?, bukkake
Filling in the Spaces; Kris/Yixing, PG-13, domestic!AU verse
Like what you see?; Sehun/Jongin, NC-17, warning for bodyswitching
Keep the Change; Zitao/Sehun, NC-17, AU
I Know Secrets Kill you; Kris/Yixing, NC-17, AU
Here in your arms; Kris/Jongin, PG
Sweet Dare; Lu Han/Jongin, PG, AU
Pay Attention; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
In Your Eyes; Chanyeol/Jongin, Hard R
TLC; Kris/Yixing, PG, domestic!AU verse
Mornings taste sweeter with you; Kris/Yixing, PG, domestic!AU verse
Anytime; Kris/Yixing, PG, domestic!AU verse
At the end of the day; Kris/Yixing, PG, domestic!AU verse
The Best Mistake; Kris/Junmyeon, NC-17, AU
It's not Delivery, it's Love; Chanyeol/Yixing, PG, AU
Welcome Home; Kris/Yixing, NC-17, AU
Turn me on; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, warning for spanking
Be quiet; Chanyeol/Jongin, Hard R, AU, crossdressing
Stolen Moment; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG-13, AU
A Start; Kris/Kyungsoo, PG, AU
Not Alone; Kris/Yixing, PG-13, domestic!AU verse
Foolproof Plan; Junmyeon/Jongdae, PG-13, AU
Someday; Kris/Yixing, Lu Han/Baekhyun, PG-13, domestic!AU verse
Savior; Jongdae/Zitao, PG-13, AU
Make it quick; Yixing/Zitao, Hard R
Imprints on your skin; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, AU, marking/writing on the body kink
Of tiny skirts and big crushes; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG-13, AU, girl!Jongin
My heart is your home; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, AU, catboy!Jongin
Extra curricular; Junmyeon/Sehun, NC-17, AU, teacher-student dynamic, collab with arashijun
Puppy love; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
Rise and Shine; Junmyeon/Jongin, Hard R
One Last Time; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
From Me to You; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17
Promise you forever; Chanyeol/Jongin, NC-17, AU
Time for something real; Chanyeol/Jongin, PC-13, AU
Play me a piece of your heart; Kris/Yixing, PG, AU
Take me over; Kyungsoo/Baekhyun, NC-17, AU, toys, handcuffs, slight orgasm denial
Caught in the Middle; Kyungsoo-centric, Chanyeol/Jongin, PG-13
Only touch your lips to mine; Jongdae/Yixing, Yixing/Everyone, PG

Magnetic; Lu Han/Sehun, G
First Meeting; Baekhyun/Chanyeol, G, AU
Stardom; Sehun/Jongin, PG, AU
Guardian; Taemin/Jongin, PG
Under the rain; Kris/Yixing, PG
Just one night; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Making room; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Something different; Sehun/Jongin, PG-13
A new home; Kris/Yixing, PG, AU
A winter night in; Kyungsoo/Yixing, PG, AU
Coming home; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
Playtime; Yixing/Lu Han, G
Don't speak; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Just enough; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Worth the wait; Sehun/Jongin, NC-17
Three little words; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG-13
Beginnings; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
Christmas Shopping; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Gone too soon; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Have some fun; Zitao/Kris, G
Lean on me; Baekhyun/Chanyeol, PG
Missed chance; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
Dress up; Ziao/Jongin, PG-13, AU
Untitled; Jongin/Kyungsoo, PG, AU
Rose bride; Yixing/Kris/Lu Han, PG, AU
Departures; Baekhyun/Chanyeol, PG, AU
First time; Kris/Jongdae, PG-13
Untitled; Baekhyun/Kris, PG
Studay Date; Junmyeon/Zitao, PG, AU
Not cute; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG
Don't forget in the morning; Kris/Yixing, PG, AU
Playing Dirty; Kris/Sehun/Jongin; PG-13, AU
Punch Drunk Love; Lu Han/Yixing; PG, AU
Quick and Easy; Zitao/Sehun/Jongin, PG, AU
One more chance; Chanyeol/Kyungsoo, PG, AU
Wearing the Evidence; Jongin/Kyungsoo, PG-13, AU
Package Deal; Junmyeon/Jongin, PG, AU
Hold me close; Zitao/Sehun, PG
On Time; Minseok/Chanyeol, PG
On screen; Chanyeol/Lu Han, NC-17
Ten Genre Meme; various pairings
Morning After; Chanyeol/Jongin, R, AU
Pretending to be married; Chanyeol/Jongin, PG, AU
Accidental baby acquistion; Chanyeol/Sehun, G, AU
Secretly a virgin; Baekhyun/Kris, PG-13, AU
High school AU; Chanyeol/Jongin, G, AU

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